Elite DV-05 DVD player (SGHT Review) Review System

Sidebar 3: Review System

Home Theater
Display: Toshiba TW40H80 40" RPTV, Runco DTV-1100 video projector, Stewart StudioTek 130 projection screen (78" wide, 16:9, 1.3 gain)
Preamps/Processors: Proceed AVP surround processor, Meridian 861 surround processor, Faroudja VP400A video processor/quadrupler
Power Amps: Proceed AMP 5, Parasound HCA-3500 (for subwoofer)
Speakers: Snell surround system: XA 90ps, XA 55cr, SR30mp, Whise Profunder 624 subwoofer
Cables: Madrigal CZ-Gel, XLO VDO audio interconnects, speaker cables, Kimber AGDL digital cables, AudioQuest component, RGB video cables, Monster S-video cables
Misc.: Sound Anchors adjustable center-channel speaker stand

Music Room
Preamps/Processors: Rowland Consummate preamp, Mark Levinson No.36s D/A converter
Power Amps: Kinergetics KBA-280, Acurus A200
Speakers: NHT 2.9 (2)
Cables: TARA Labs, Cardas, Monster interconnects, Monster speaker cables, Kimber digital cables

2265 East 220th Street
Long Beach, CA 90810
(310) 835-6177

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