EICO HF-81 integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog Sources: Luxman PD-555 vacuum-holddown, Luxman PD-444 direct-drive turntables; Mayware Formula 4, Dynavector DV-505 tonearms; Koetsu Rosewood, Goldbug Mr. Brier, AudioQuest 7000, Technics 1520 cartridges; Cotter Verion step-up transformer; Otari MX 5050 4-channel, Ampex 44 open-reel tape decks.
Digital Sources: Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5 CD player, Timbre DAC, Audio Alchemy DDS•Pro transport.
Preamplification: Luxman 5C50, Convergent Audio Technology Ultimate preamplifiers; Wright Sound WPP100C, Benz-Micro Series 2 Lukaschek PP-1 phono stages.
Power Amplifiers: Komuro Audio Reference Standard 212 SET; Wright Sound WPA 3.5, Mono 8s; Pioneer-M-22, Classé DR-2, DR-3s in bridged mode; Fisher 500c.
Loudspeakers: mbl 116; Bozak Concert Grand B-310 (biwired option), B-410; Bozak B-4000a Symphony; Classic Audio Studio Standard II.
Cables: Crystal Cable, TARA Labs, Kimber KCAG, Nordost Red Dawn, Acoustic Research.
Accessory: Walker Precision Motor Drive power conditioner.—Peter Breuninger

EICO, Electronic Instrument Company
853 Broadway, New York, NY (1999)
no longer in business (2006)

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