Dynaco Stereo 70 II power amplifier Review system

Review system

I hooked the amps up to my hi-fi rig: Aunt Corey's Homemade Buffered Passive Preamp, Audio Research SP-14 phono stage, Well-Tempered Record Player fitted with the Sumiko Blue Point cartridge and Analog Survival Arm Wrap, the Proceed CD Library 100-disc multi-player, Theta DS Pro Basic II processor driven via Theta's excellent digital cable by either a JVC XL-Z1050 CD player or the dig-out jack of the CD Library, and ProAc Response Two speakers seated on the back-breakin' heavy-metal Target RS2 stands. Interconnects were Kimber KCAG except for Straight Wire Maestro between the 'table and the SP-14, speaker cable was bi-wired Kimber 4AG, and all the gear was plugged into the latest versions of Audio Power Industries' Power Wedges.—Corey Greenberg

125 Cabot Court
Hauppage, NY 11788
(631) 434-1200

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