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Double Volume Control, Which one

Hi guys,

Thinking about getting the Olive O4HD (music server/player) and the Yamaha A-S2000 (Integrated amp) but need some advice about maximum sound quality without distortion.

The O4HD has no "fixed line out", only "variable line out", which means that the volume of the sound that goes out of the player is variable. If I decide to link this player with the Yamaha integrated Amp then I end up with two volume control. One will be from the O4HD and the other will be from the Yamaha

How do I control the volume to get the maximum SQ without Distortion? Do I turn the volume of the O4HD up to the maximal and control the volume on the speaker through the integrated amp? Or should I turn the volume of the integrated amp to the max and control the volume on the speaker through the player? Or alternatively how to get a fixed line out level or equivalent with the Olive O4HD?


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