Counterpoint SA-100 power amplifier CG's System

Sidebar 1: CG's System

The listening setup consisted of my self-modified Philips CD-50 fed my buffered passive preamp, this connected to the amplifiers under review. Interconnects and speaker cables were Straight Wire Maestro. Speakers were either Spica Angeluses or Thiel CS1.2s; all line-level gear was plugged into the Audio Express NoiseTrapper Plus.—Corey Greenberg

Counterpoint Electronic Systems
No longer trading

sugarrush71's picture

i own sa-100 and im very happy with it ...your review should start with statment that the unit might be defective cuz im sure that it was .

byyildirim's picture

I think that this review is totally misleading or something caused this. I have been very happy with counterpoint sa-100 for years. It is excellent as well as counterpoint sa-220. having listened any counterpoint amps anyone cannot say this is the worst amp if he or she has any kind of ear.

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