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Cynthia Daire
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Could you audiophiles recommend, audiophile recordings of classic albums by...?

I need help sifting through all the brouhaha on which recordings have more dynamic range, and also have warm sound. Could you recommend great recordings on any Yes recording. Genesis from 1970-1970, Queen from Queen 1 though The Game , Gentile Giant, and Rush. I am a newbie, so I hope I am posting in the correct area. Thank you in advance!

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Audiophile recordings

Hi Cynthia,

Have you posted this question anywhere else on this forum? I'm surprised no one has offered any suggestions yet! Unfortunately, my specific interest is jazz, so I can't make any recommendations for you, but what you might do is to research the individual albums that you're looking for to see if they've been re-issued in an audiophile format. I'm aware that Mobile Fidelity re-issued a couple Queen albums and something from Supertramp in nice heavy vinyl, but that's the extent of my limited knowledge. You might find out that some of the albums that you seek are highly collectible and may cost more than you expect, or perhaps the best sounding albums are the original pressings or even out-of-country pressings (British, German, Japanese, etc.) The fun of this hobby as I have found with jazz albums is the treasure hunt! Sure, I've paid premium price for audiophile re-issues, but I've had more than enough satisfaction finding audiophile-quality recordings in bargain bins, thrift shops, garage sales, on-line shopping, etc.

Good luck!

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I am currently listening to

I am currently listening to the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab version of The Yes Album and it is performing quite well.  I have a cheaper remake with some bonus tracks that sounds quite good as well but I think/hope the couple dozen or so MFSL's and Hoffman remasters I have procured provide a more focused view of the music made in the studio.  As far as recordings of the era that I have digital remasters of and feel that the recordings are relatively clear, detailed, dynamic, and nondistracting with regard to obvious shortcomings when played over quality transparent gear I like Tull's Warchild alot and Thick as a Brick and Aqualung slightly less so with regards to fidelity (MFSL,MFSL,Hoffman DCC respectively).   The MSFL's of Floyd's Wall and Darkside of the Moon sound nice - an obvious duh'r.  The Doors' LA Woman and Waiting for the Sun are fantastically recorded and sound great in their MFSL versions.  Yes Fragile and Yes Album are MFSL winners as are U2 War, Traffic's Mr. Fantasy, and Rush's 2112 and Moving Pictures.  I have been playing The Dead's American Beauty and liking its clarity over my new Birds.  Good topic; hope others will chime in.

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I forgot to mention the

I forgot to mention the well-recorded and imo beautiful music of Genesis.  Peter Gabriel is apparently still interested in quality audiophile recording and his influence amongst his talented mates shows through on their early recordings. I have a '70-75 remastered collection that absolutely sings. Clear, diverse, dynamic, and wonderfully performed I recommend this box set to anyone with an interest in early Genesis.

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Alas, you list folk I never

Alas, you list folk I never became enamored with. That said, try the HD-tracks site. In addition to Hi-Rez, they sell amazing files in CD quality very well engineered of a host of old rockers....

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