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Contemporary Jazz....

Two quick things....

1. There is a good thread about contemporary jazz going on over at the site below. I know there are a lot of knowledgeable jazz peeps that post in this forum and we'd welcome any input to keep the discussion active.

2. I recently started up a website that's focusing on reviews of contemporary jazz albums - the site is less than a week old, but I'm hoping to do 2-3 reviews a week. I'm no technical expert on jazz - just a fan trying to express what I enjoy or dislike about different recordings and hopefully make the reviews more useful to those of us who want good music and not a short, technical explanation that really doesn't answer the question "will I like it?" I'm not sure I accomplished that with my first review, but it's a learning process and they will improve.

I graduated with a degree in history and really miss the writing process - I'm in the process of learning how to write criticsm better (history is mainly argument oriented) - so hopefully the writing will improve over time. I also wanted to make reviews that were more approachable to those who find jazz "elitist" - hopefully as a way to introduce new fans to the great modern jazz scene that is alive and kicking. You can find more about my goals for the site on the "About" page.

Here is the link - again, it's a work in progress and something I do in my freetime:

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My Best of 2011

Contemporary Jazz from one of the elder statesmen, featuring Chick Corea, Roy Hardgrove, and the Fountian of Youth Band.


Can't stop playin' it!




Ariel Bitran
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what an album cover!

that is awesome.

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+1 on the album cover!! And

+1 on the album cover!! And you'd never know by looking at it that he's 86 years old!!

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