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Connecting a sub with no sub out

Im building a new system and am considering which integrated amp to get.  Currently what I'd like to buy is the Marantz PM5004 amp.  The speakers I'll be using with it are Monitor Audio Bronze BX2s, and a bit later I'd like to get the Monitor Audio Bronze BXW-10 Subwoofer.  

My question is regarding the Marantz amp.  It does not have a sub out, but since I'm only using one speaker pair and it has outputs for two, I was thinking I could hook up the sub through those speaker outs.

Does anyone have any experience connecting a sub to an amp like this or should I just look for an amp with 2.1 outputs?

If so, any suggestions on amps?  I was thinking maybe the NAD C-326BEE

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Using speaker level inputs on a subwoofer is a viable

alternative to a line level input. Unfortunately, the Monitor Audio Bronze BXW-10 does not have speaker level inputs. I'm out the door right now, let me think about it and I'll get back to you unless someone else addresses it adequately.

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Does your amplifier have pre out power in connectors?

Does your sub woofer have a pair of line level inputs?

If the answer to both questions is yes, connect the sub woofer between the pre out and power in connectors. Adjust the crossover frequency and level and you're good to go.

For most sub woofers the line level high pass signal is a pass through with no filtering. So your mains will be running full range.

Most sub woofers have high and low pass filters on the speaker level connections. Unfortunately on most sub woofers the crossover frequency is around 120Hz. This is much to high for most decent speakers and can lead to being able to easily localize the sub woofers position. This is undesirable.

Try both ways and come to your own conclusion.

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The NAD C326BEE has two line level sub outputs.

It is a competent piece which should sound great with the MA speakers. Good luck!

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