Computer Audio 101

Working alongside Steve Silberman of AudioQuest, Wavelength Audio’s Gordon Rankin offered a series of talks on computer audio for Mac users, while Jim Hillegass, the founder and CEO of JRiver Inc., offered corresponding seminars for users of Windows-based computers. My schedule allowed me to hear only a brief portion of Gordon Rankin’s Saturday seminar—and, regrettably, none of Jim Hillegass’s talks—yet even so, I learned things I’d never come close to knowing before. (An exemplary gem: When it comes to RFI rejection, Apple’s laptop computers are considerably better made than the company’s desktop models.)

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Seminal sort of works as a non neologistic neologism, imo.

"Stereophile" writers must be testing Gordon's proof reading skills - he is bearing the brunt so far.

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For pointing out the typo. These are unfortunately inevitable given the hast in which how reports are prepared in order to have our coverage appear while the Show is still runnning. I have corrected it.


John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

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Hast, man god man your professionals crying

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Hast, man god man your professionals crying

For pointing out the typo. I have corected it.

John Atkinson

Editro, Stereophile


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