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pablolie's picture is a Velodyne Minivee, which i got thinking i may have to help out the KEF LS50... not so, though. the sub is basically turned off.

and just a pair of (grey) acoustic panels behind the speakers to tidy up sound and get the staging right.

and each and every component is suspended in vibration absorbing Isonode feet.

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Very nice pablo .

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nothing esoteric, as simple as possible was my premise. i am also happy i came in way under my budget (while listening to the sound of dollars flushing down the toilet associated with divorce :-D), thanks to the LS50 (an amazing bargain) and also the Destiny power amp, which is hard to find and i scored by pure luck on Ebay on the cheap (and which is phenomenally sharp). now i have to figure out what to do with my other system, currently in storage: in here

a pic of the old listening room with Accuphase DP-65v and E-306v (which I'll sadly prolly sell soon). I tried to use the speakers (obscure German hand crafted brand I brought over in the late 90s) in the apartment but they simply didn't work in the constrained space, being relatively tall 3-ways the staging-convergence sitting less than 10ft away, which is what the room dictates...

The weakness of this system evidently is that it does not try to flatter poor to abysmal (but otherwise artistically enjoyable) recordings, you end up listening too much to what's missing rather than what's there, if that makes sense. The Accuphase gear, while equally resolving (at least), managed to instill more body into somewhat flat recordings (room acoustics help when there is more air).

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What brand of sound absorbers are those behind the speakers ?


Don't worry about money being flushed away . I see that around here everyday and she's here to stay . lol

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they are mytheater acoustic panels, i have 4 of them set up.

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Haven't heard from you for a while pablolie, are you still afoot ?

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