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Classe production moved to China

I just learned that Classe has moved production to China, and I'm wondering if anyone has purchased a Made in China Classe product. How is the quality? How is the sound? The CA-M600 monoblocks that Sterephiled reviewed - where they manufactured in China or in Canada?

last week I placed an order for a pair of CA-M300's after listening to a pair of 600's, but now I am hesitating to take delivery because of the change in manufacturing location. I'm not certain where the pair I auditioned was manufactured, but will find out tomorrow when the shop reopens.

My concerns include inconsistant quality, and devaluing the brand. The list price certainly does not reflect a change to a less expensive location.

tom collins
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you will never see the price of a product drop due to such a drastic change in mfg. cost.  even with shipping from there to here, the cost will be 1/3 or less.  with that said, there seem to be many high quality brands that have made the change successfully.  Vincent and Prima Luna come to mind. 

good luck

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Last seen: 2 years 8 months ago
Joined: Sep 7 2009 - 5:52pm
In addition to my concerns

In addition to my concerns about quality and brand value, I was also pleased to find a product made in my hometown that sounded so good.  So I have to decide if I'm willing to risk quality and value and live with the minor disappointment that another manufacturer has left North America for China.

I will put the order on hold and think more about this.

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I think "Made in China" is not much of an issue for

manufacturers moving production from Europe and North America. The management and workers there are now well familiar with quality control/assurance imposed by these companies. Are there glitches? Sure. But remember back to the days when "Made in Japan" and then "Made in Korea" were derided by US consumers.  As long as the market continues to demand less expensive goods, places with cheaper labor and lax rules will see business.

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 I would be more concerned about the reputation of the company and how they handle customer related problems , rather than where the component or sub chassis were made. They seem to have an impeccable reputation. 

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