Building a Library: The Grateful Dead Discography

SIDEBAR 1: A Grateful Dead Discography

The Grateful Dead (1967), Warner Bros. WS-1689

Anthem of the Sun (1968), Warner Bros. WS-1749

Aoxomoxoa (1969), Warner Bros. WS-1790

Live/Dead (1970), Warner Bros. WS-1830

Workingman's Dead (1970), Warner Bros. WS-1869

American Beauty (1970), Warner Bros. 1893

Grateful Dead (1971), Warner Bros. 1935

Europe '72 (1972), Warner Bros. 2668

History of the Grateful Dead, Vol.1 (Bear's Choice) (1973), Warner Bros. 2721

Wake of the Flood (1973), Grateful Dead GD-4002

From the Mars Hotel (1974), Grateful Dead GD-4007

Blues for Allah (1975), Grateful Dead GD-4001

Steal Your Face (1976), Grateful Dead GD-4006

Terrapin Station (1977), Arista ALB6 8329 (LP), ARCD 8065 (CD)

Shakedown Street (1978), Arista ALB6 8321 (LP), ARCD 8228 (CD)

Go to Heaven (1980), Arista ALB6 8332 (LP), ARCD 8181 (CD)

Reckoning (1981), Arista A2CD-8523 (2 CDs)

Dead Set (1981), Arista AL9-8112 (2 LPs), A2CD-8112 (2 CDs)

In the Dark (1987), Arista AL8452 (LP), ALCD 8452 (CD)

Dylan and the Dead (1988), Columbia CK 45056

Built to Last (1989), Arista AL-8575 (LP), ARCD-8575 (CD)

Without a Net (1990), Arista AL3-8634 (3 LPs), ACD2-8634 (2 CDs)

One from the Vault (1991), Grateful Dead GD-4013

Infrared Roses (1992), Grateful Dead GD-4014

Two from the Vault: Dick's Picks (1992), Grateful Dead GD-4016

Grayfolded (1969-1995), Plunderphonics S/A 7713-71996-2

Hundred Year Hall (1995), Grateful Dead GD-4020

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