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budget phono pre-amp

I need some advice about a budget phono pre-amp. I am currently considering the NAD PP-2 and the Cambridge Audio Azur 640p. Associated gear includes a Rega P1 (with glass platter upgrade), an Ortofon OM5e cartridge, a NAD C372 integrated amp, and a pair of Magneplanar MMG's. Any advice or insights would be appreciated.

Jan Vigne
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Re: budget phono pre-amp

Bellari. (sp?)

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Re: budget phono pre-amp

cambridge sells a phono pre that goes with their amps for not too much, that's what i got, i got the cambridge 540a looking at and really like it. i run it with their relatively cheap phono preamp, it was around $80 if i recall.

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Re: budget phono pre-amp

I second Jan's recommendation of Bellari (sp). If that is out of your price range Music Hall makes a very nice pre.

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