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Automatic Renewal Program

I received a post card from Stereophile thanking me for my subscription and reminding me that when I last renewed I responded to a special offer to be entered into the "Automatic Renewal Program". (Don't recall that)

I'm told that when my subscription comes up for renewal it will automatically renew at a special rate of $29.97 for 24 issues. It's like getting 19 issues FREE!

However, when I logged onto the website today there was that drop down ad offering 24 issues for $23.97! I looked up my last renewal and it was $24.97. So I called the 800 number and was told that if I want the better price I would have to be dropped from the automatic renewal program and renew my subscription online.

You would think they would just make a price match adjustment and renew my subscription. I guess that would be just too easy ...


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