Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones from Needle Doctor Sweepstakes

Register to win a Audioquest Dragonfly DAC and Grado SR80i Headphones (MSRP $298) from Needle Doctor we are giving away.

According to Needle Doctor:

Whether you are a budding audiophile or a serious enthusiast in need of a mobile solution, the following package is for you. The Audioquest Dragonfly and Grado SR80s are not only Needle Doctor staff favorites individually, but they work great as a pair.

The versatile Audioquest Dragonfly is first a high quality USB DAC capable of decoding up to 24bit/96kHz digital files of any format. It is also an adept headphone amplifier which will make your new Grado headphones sing with warmth and body. Just plug one end of the Dragonfly into the USB port of your laptop (or desktop) computer, and the SR80s into the other, and you will breathe new life in to your digital music collection or any streaming online content.

Don't forget that you can also integrate the Dragonfly with your home hi-fi system. Simply connect the 3.5mm output with a nice mini-to-RCA cable to an open line-level input, and enjoy the increased clarity in your main system.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

NoStrings's picture

This is a great opportunity (for me) to win an early Christmas present (for me).  Thanks in advance.

Jackblues's picture

I'll gladly take the prize. 

J Young's picture

I like it.

mikerr's picture

Breathe out.




kabjunk's picture

...gotta have them...

nitsua196's picture

fingers crossed!

matthra's picture


hooplidoopler's picture

I'm still using apple headphones sadly!

npsquire1's picture

Yes please!

eye definition's picture

 To hear that I'm the winner will surely be music to my ears.

tlayman's picture

For the upcoming holidays!!

Dick James's picture

I could use some new headphones and another DragonFly to give out for Christmas.

david.parker83's picture

For sonic bliss

corrective_unconscious's picture

That would be nice.

quiller's picture



markjmills's picture

Hope Santa thinks I've been a good boy this year!

anomaly7's picture

Really, these would be music to my ears. Really nice music.

Doktor Avalanche's picture

This and a new MacBook please.

smgear's picture

These would have a nice home in the laptop case... )

mrkva's picture

would be nice indeed :)

donahewj's picture

i could really use this great set up

rappahannockva's picture

Count me in!

Theo's picture

That says it all

Kilgore Trout's picture


Geoff's picture

Would love to win this sweepstakes, although I've never won anything, I'll keep trying!

Lofty's picture

I like Audioquest and Grado. I have AQ cables and Grado phones.

Ulogin's picture

Will surely come!

jnbwrs's picture

Would like to give these a try!

popluhv's picture

for the work place!

benwilderman's picture

Yes please


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