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Are old Stereophile issues worth anything?

I have a pile of old Stereophile issues from 1997 through to today ... are they worth anything ($) or should I just put them in the recycle bin?  My office is overflowing with stuff and I need to clean it out!

Bill B
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1.  I don't know if those have any value to others.  

2. Probably not. 

3.  Even if they're worth some $ to someone, think of the expense of shipping them. You wouldprobably have a net loss on the deal. 

4.  Since your office is overflowing, get rid of them (recycling bin) and feel happier!

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I agree about the shipping expenses, it would only make sense to sell them locally and only for a minimal amount.  I see folks on eBay selling single issues, a volume at a time, etc. but gotta believe they don't sell too often!

michael green
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the older issues

Having a collection is a good thing, but if it doesn't go back to the formative years it's hard to consider a collection as whole. The hobby between 77 and 93 was a magical time in it's development, and even though there are moments after 95 there isn't the earth shattering that took place back in the day that I think a collector of the read would be looking for.

remember those early days :) the days of J and Harry, our fathers that fought over the souls of the listener

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I have quite a few back when they were pamphlets

There was something about the old "readers digest" size magazines that were just cool. And the 275 pg monsters of the mid 90s were insane.

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