Arcam rDAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a Arcam rDAC audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter (MSRP $479) we are giving away.

According to Arcam, the rDAC's sleek cast aluminum case, hides the latest digital technology, including the outstanding Wolfson 8741 DAC. With coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and musicality.

Uses for the rDAC are endless. CD Players, Internet Radios, cable boxes and game stations can be connected via coaxial or optical leads to deliver a dramatic increase in sound quality. PCs and Macs can feed the rDAC via USB using the Asynchronous USB re-clocking circuitry to almost eliminates the jitter and noise associated with music in computer environments.

The results from the highly affordable rDac are thrilling regardless of the digital audio source.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

rich-g's picture

If Stereophile says it's good, I'm in.

Jiiero's picture

I already have my amp and headphones so it's boiling down to a good dac now. I'm thinking of a hrt music streamer II but this Arcam model would definitely be an improvement over the hrt.

kpkats's picture

looks great at least.

pbhatt's picture

Please enter me in the rDAC sweepstakes. Thanks!

markbou's picture

Please enter me in the sweepstakes

plmbob's picture

would love to have this DAC

Erkit's picture

I'm a huge fan. Woop woop!

derekm's picture

I could use one alot!

popluhv's picture


tibblk's picture


Research2012's picture

This would be awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great piece of gear.

Fihsak's picture

I'd love one!

djmcadam's picture

Would like to win this.

Lofty's picture

If I win it will be interesting to compare it to my Benchmark DAC1. 

jeremyquam's picture

Would love to play with a new toy!

_afrey's picture

Yes Please!

guccibass's picture

The missing link!!! Enter me! Tks!

Oldiephile2's picture

Really need an upgrade

vkrsna's picture

I would love to have one

vitruvius's picture

Looks like a sweer piece of equipment!

Phooker's picture

Sounds amazing! 

ockins's picture

This would make a nice addition...

Gotta love Stereophile.

rido's picture

The women will love this, 1 more device with less cables!

Hydro150's picture

I'm in!

staypositive's picture

I will take one please!

kendpotter's picture

Please register me for the drawing.

jay_dubya's picture

It would be great to win!

jlafount's picture

Anything that makes audio sound better can't be bad

Klipschman70's picture

I love this one

cziegler.katalin's picture

Nice :)

Tarraga's picture

Yes, I'd very much like to have one of these!

cuccarese's picture

Always up for new gear, count me in!

Asr's picture

thanks for the sweepstakes, hope I win

JustinB's picture

Yes, please do sign me up as well. Thank you.


vgizzi's picture

love it's picture

Count me in, I want one. I've transferred all of my CDs to flac files.

bestedit1's picture

I would love to hear my 12,000+ songs on iTunes in true fidelity.

rjberry's picture

Very nice piece of kit.

What better use of technology than in service of art?

-Sonorous in Seattle

pfrumkin's picture

I would love to hear how it sounds - or, hopefully, doesn't. 

tonehead's picture

Hello All,

Please enter my name for a chance to win this fine D/A.

verndoh's picture

Help! My delicate ears love sweet sounding music but are sadly attached to a girl earning a girl salary (which is to say I can't afford sweet sounding gear). So instead, I must limit my music consumption due to shitty source ear fatigue. I just can't listen from poor speakers and .mp3 files streamed directly from a computer (oh the horror!)

I hope this isn't a US resident only thing. I could definitely use a win.

- Véronique

bshamsai's picture

I bet this Dac would work great with my Sonos system!!!

anthonyvilla's picture

Getter dun

gap-stereophile's picture

Cool little toy.  Would love to try it in my setup.

zaustin3's picture

I still use a Magnavox CDB650 so I need this

wgmontgomery's picture

...fingers crossed!

sarcese52's picture

would love to win this

Adoonan's picture

Enter me plz. 

Wangkimcheung's picture

The rDac looks great!!!!

audioful's picture

Would like find out how wonderful HD Tracks really sound.



Mark Lamb's picture

Enter me.

MarkBryston's picture

is if Stereophile would annouce when the contest was over and what username at least won wit these contests!!!!! That being said arcam has always been a favorite and would love to hear this DAC!!

pcneal's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win such a flexible device.

Oxford97's picture

Am I the one to win?

alwool's picture

thank you.

will post a review after i win.

rdfye's picture

I'll just look forward to owning this new Arcam DAC.

duvalier1's picture

I'm in!!

ken10254's picture

Hope I get the prize

squonk_ga's picture

My 1990 proceed DAC is still alive and well but for how much longer I do not know. Plus I'm sure a 20 year newer DAC would be a nice upgrade!

pdaddy's picture

Would love to set this up in a 2nd listening room. 

BudgetAudiophile's picture

I am an audiophile from Indy,

Whose preference in quality's not trendy;

Compressed music's whack!

So I'd love a new DAC!

To win one would be so dandy!

onemorecappa's picture

Would love to put this in my system....

Braynard Adkins's picture

Enable my Panasonic blu-ray/CD player to sing.  Rig this drawing for me to win; please!

serohdin's picture

please send a DAC to me

DavidL's picture

Excellent match with a Mac mini -> very good compact server.

BacHolz's picture

I'm using a M2Tech Hiface>Maverick TubeMagic D1 setup from my HTPC.  I've been looking for upgrade paths and would welcome this oppurtunity. Thanks for the chance to do so.

Brankin's picture

I would love to compare it to my AVA Dac enlightened

wdietrick's picture

I don;t have a DAC - count me in!

dff's picture

Sure could use one.

Rolli666's picture

Make this poor man one DAC closer to whole.

georgehook's picture

Okay, I created a new account, and hopefully you've entered me into the sweepstakes.  I've had an Arcam product for years, and though it can be cranky at times (like when I have to turn off the juice ... so I leave it on mostly), it's been giving me as good as sound as you can get off a CD.  So I'd like to hear what it does on my Mac.  Thanks Stereophile: I've been enjoying your magazine for years.'s picture

I mean really

black321's picture

With USB input, exactly what I need to allow me to easily access my growing portfolio of music files on my hard drive...thanks!

gsuen's picture

nice looking dac

jinx's picture

Another hopeful. It sounds like a great DAC to own!

heliman's picture

Thank you!

crazzell's picture

I want one to pair with my Squeezebox Touch.

giantnutz's picture

sign me up!

electron_positron's picture

A comment.

rtucker948's picture

I'll take one

greenelec's picture

 This will sound great with the MLB system I'll buy with my Mega Millions winnings!

bholway's picture

please enter me as well

theshack's picture

Pick me.

kent47's picture

Not possessing a DAC makes me a prime candidate for winning this beauty! Beauty is in the eye, or ear, of the beholder.

charcoalgriller's picture

I really need a DAC for work. 

Haydnsim12's picture

I could definitely use this. THanks. 

paulpdx's picture


l125255's picture

really cool DAC

Prole's picture

Please enter my name in the draw. Looks like an excellent piece.

vbaren's picture

It will be fun to have an rDAC for my CD73