Arcam rDAC Sweepstakes

Register to win a Arcam rDAC audiophile-grade Digital to Analog Converter (MSRP $479) we are giving away.

According to Arcam, the rDAC's sleek cast aluminum case, hides the latest digital technology, including the outstanding Wolfson 8741 DAC. With coaxial, optical and USB inputs, the rDAC renders music with stunning accuracy and musicality.

Uses for the rDAC are endless. CD Players, Internet Radios, cable boxes and game stations can be connected via coaxial or optical leads to deliver a dramatic increase in sound quality. PCs and Macs can feed the rDAC via USB using the Asynchronous USB re-clocking circuitry to almost eliminates the jitter and noise associated with music in computer environments.

The results from the highly affordable rDac are thrilling regardless of the digital audio source.

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[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

ZbynekN's picture

I'd like to hear it's "stunning accuracy and musicality".

mikepbrowning's picture

Send it my way!

bwd's picture

It would be great to have this. I have converted to mostly computer playback and this will be a great upgrade from the headphone/RCA cable interface.



FSonicSmith's picture

Dac's are coming out of the woodwork. It is not the chips that count. It is not the interface. It is the power supply, the grounding, and the output stages. That's my humble opinion. Having auditioned some very expensive DACs lately, I am still convinced that vinyl is better. I said "it's not the chips that count" but what I really mean is that none of the currently available chips succeed in being perfect at clocking and being immune to jitter and being able to recreate a sound wave perfectly. Inexpensive DACs like this designed by engineers that make compromises wisely might well be the way to go, because even the DACs that do everything right still sound digital. Felt compelled to express this, though my first instinct was to simply post "I'll gladly take it and give it a try".

Buck1's picture

Give it to me now!

adbsvc's picture

Please enter me into the contest, this looks like another wonderful product from the folks at Arcam....Thank you.

bertdw's picture

Does it go well with the Van den Hul cables from the last sweepstakes? cool

andyliu52's picture

i hope i win i hope i win!

varga1939's picture

Better recieve a birthday present late than not at all!

Ric Flinn's picture

I'd love to have one of these in my system.

Summerisle's picture

Oooh a DAC!'s picture

Excited to join the Stereophile community!

johnpearl's picture

Hi Everyone,

Wow!! This would be a great addtion to my ever-growing collection of small silver or black electric boxes. Best of luck.

jsirons's picture


Need one.

Jataro's picture

Please enter me.  Thanks!

jcbenten's picture

I wish it came in black but the silve would look pretty on my shelf!

carlosadonai's picture


This might be a good product. I wanna one for free.

Welly Wu's picture

I doubt that I will win, but contact me if I am selected.

cheesecake's picture

Yes plzz!

will60's picture

This would be awesome to win!

ejohnsen627's picture

Yes I would like to enter to win a swell lookin DAC.   Sweet.


TreAdidas's picture

I love this Dac!  Want it soo bad.  NOM NOM NOM NOM MUNCH!



welltoldtales's picture

Hey, this would be great for my setup!

fkrausz's picture

I have an Arcam CD player -- now long in the tooth -- and I can testify to the fact that them guys know their DACs.

alec_cat's picture

It would be nice to win this!

Bixby's picture

Here's hoping.

SpinMark3313's picture

Yes, Mark would like.

ZombieFish's picture

it would so nice with the rest of my equipment

bplexico's picture

Look forward to winning!

guslab98's picture

Would love to win one!

jacobg12's picture

This would go nicely with my new Audioengines!

krakzor's picture

This looks amazing. I would love to add this to my home setup. Thanks!

msardo's picture

And I happen to be in the market for a DAC, so thank you for the opportunity to try and win one.


Mark, from Upstate New York

kana813's picture

I'll give it a nice home here on Maui. ;-)

DrThundr's picture

Yes please!  I'd love to have one.

saponifiable's picture

Then at least I would have something to compared to my Audioengine D1. :D

leeeh57's picture

Appreciate your work.  Thanks for the opportunity to explore using a new DAC.

elemental_child's picture

Would love this!

Crazychords's picture

Great new DAC.  I've realy been needing a USB DAC.  Love that dCS technology inside.

akila219's picture

this is cool! may i have one please.yes

akila219's picture

this is cool! may I have one please.

djlovell's picture

Hi, I just love a good contest.

duhx99's picture

I've been looking at DAC/integrated amp options extensively and have found nothing but headaches.  If I won this I could focus on a high quality amp and finally break into hifi audio.

cesson2054's picture

My cheap DVD player goes straight to the amp, so I do really need that DAC

kovan yarrum's picture

+1 entry here for the rDAC.

max power's picture

Jumping through the hoop!

Coolsax's picture

I'd love to have this for my new Squeezebox touch.. hope I win.


tom collins's picture

would love to have it.



mfirst's picture

piece of equiptment - simple and very "mac-like" looking (if you like that kind of stuff)

would look great with my system.......



spyder1's picture

This Arcam rDAC would be a great addition to my computer audio system!

Glotz's picture

I know its in there somewhere!

Bogus's picture

Just started the hunt for a solid budget DAC.  Look forward to more info on this one.

xridel's picture

Please enter me for the draw

jeffh's picture

I would love to have this for my system.  Thanks for the chance to win.smiley



peckjed's picture

this DAC looks awesome, it would pair beautifully with my iMac. not to mention my Ibasso is busted! :-( 

nandrosa's picture

This would be great for my budget hifi system!

doyall's picture

Send it on my way!

Elvis1's picture

Oooh me too, me too.

Elvis1's picture

Oooh me too, me too.

thomasrhee's picture

In the words of Al Davis "just win baby"!

ozpaul's picture

Please count me in!

isyoox's picture

Yes please. 

CaptainVinyl1's picture

At last a chance to make the world safe for better sound

MWaehner's picture

Yeah, I want that. I definitely want that.

mokes's picture

An audiophile friend listened to this DAC and told me it's a great value..... I would love to own one smiley

simpsonjp's picture

The DAC in my Toshiba laptop is causing my teeth to jitter! I need the Arcam rDAC to ease my pain.

Ken-ophile's picture I am entering the contest, but I've never won a contest ever before in my life... Truly sad.  Well, maybe this time...

internethandle's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

npsquire1's picture

College students need all the help they can get, winning this would be awesome!

axc123's picture


beigedeath's picture

OMG... I was actually thinking about buying one of these things!

Demondog's picture

The Arcam rDAC is a great example of the great budget DACs that are available these days. It would make a nice addition to a lot of peoples systems, including mine.

davidmcc's picture

This would be a great DAC in my system.

ssimon's picture

Send one ASAP!

Pilotxerau's picture

I am a die hard Stereophile fan!

otaku's picture

Should be much better than the cheapo C-Media I'm using now.

denial's picture

In! Can't wait to try it out ;)

swimkinney2's picture

I would love to own a DAC

thlunsford's picture

I've had my eye on one of these for a while. 

tomg1961's picture

looks sweet!!  would love to win this

ikymagoo's picture

would love to have that as my first DAC

jazzfan's picture

Pick me, pick me!!

damone5000's picture

I'm in for one of those.  Thanks

stevo's picture

Been looking for a quality dac for a while...this was on the list

Speakerphile's picture

Count me in!

udaman's picture

Would be great to try out this dac. 

mrhi-fi's picture

Please consider me entered!

oscar nr's picture

I WANT one of that

idiotjoe's picture

I've been looking for a nice DAC.  This would be great!

Hamburglar's picture

Alright, fellow commentors. It's on.