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Anyone bought new ess speakers?

I talked to Ricky at ess and going to be buying some of the new amt LE but I have a concern over how I have to pay for them and wondering if anyone else has recently bought from ess.

He wants a direct deposit into his account which worries me as it was all done by email and phone so I can't be 100% certain I was indeed talking to the real ess.

So I am hoping someone can confirm this experience and I can take shipment of of some new ess amt's.  

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If that worries you go with the PayPal option.

At least that provides some protection.

Bill B
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Yes, and contact ESS thru

Yes, and contact ESS thru official channels to confirm your source first

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I called the main number but

I called the main number but I am just not comfortable so I guess I will have to pass. To bad I really loved them.

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I have recently purchased from ESS in El Monte, CA.

Ricky rebuilt my AMT Monitor crossovers and one of my damaged cones, and I also bought from him an ESS Electronic Crossover. He has also recently rebuilt the voice coil in one of my dad's driver's.

In person, Rickey accepts cash. I must say I was taken aback when he said he didn't accept credit card or PayPal, though he mentioned having recently been hacked. Still, I saw that he had been working in shop to ship custom made tower's to some guy in Dubai, so he must be accepting some form of electronic payment.

I spoke to Ricky at THE Show in Newport Beach 2 weeks ago and he said he should soon be accepting credit card again. I realize how funny it appears on the business end, but I can attest that the dude has been legit, and does great work. 

I also heard the large, original "Transar" speakers. If I had a spare $13,000, I would buy them on the spot. 

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