. . . and he never came back

Among the many SSI rooms sponsored by Canadian distributor Plurison was a ballroom—the Verdun, to be precise—where the signage promised MartinLogan loudspeakers on demonstration. I stepped a short distance inside and was swallowed by darkness—and sound. I followed the latter, turned left, and felt more than saw a row of theater-style seats, most of them filled with people who were enjoying Avatar on a large screen. The sound was indeed impressive, but it was impossible to see, let alone photograph, the gear being demonstrated, and I could locate neither personnel nor literature. Unsure how to illustrate such an experience, I grabbed my chance and, on the way out, photographed the next guy going in.

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Art, love your sense of humour. Ever since Listener - and especially in Listener, the photo captions in your reviews being the most memorable to me - I always thought you were great at infusing humour into your writing. You are the only audio-related writer to consistently make me laugh out loud, seriously. So keep the gems coming. This hobby needs the laughs.

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