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Affordable DAC as good as the Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player ?

Times have changed and I no longer make the big bucks. This means my system has changed to a more moderate system. I used to own an Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player, and loved it's very authoratative and controlled bass, as well as it's musicality. I now own a Sony DVP S-7700 DVD Player and am using it as my CD player. I think it is a great transport and would like to add an affordable DAC that would sound as good as my old Alpha 9 CD player .... any recommendations ?

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Re: Affordable DAC as good as the Arcam Alpha 9 CD Player ?

I've heard the PS audio Digital Link III a number of times. It features upsampling which is selectable between 96 and 192 kHz. It also has a USB if you decide to build a music server with an old laptop like so many people are doing recently.

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