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mr. mustard
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Advice on integrated amps


Currently looking to setup a stereo system. I’ll be mostly playing vinyl on a vintage AR turntable and music through iTunes. On the speakers, I’m pretty much set on a pair of Paradigm Atoms. Amp, however, can’t decide between a NAD C316BEE, Marantz PM5004 or PM6004. I haven’t been able to listen to the phono on neither the NAD (PP2) or Marantz PM5004, but I’ve listened to cd’s played on both. Any opinions on the phono of these amps and pairing with the Atoms? Also, I mention the PM6004 as it can be found for $50 more than the PM5004; worth it?
I'm fairly new at hi-fi, just looking for some advice. Thanks !

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Those are all fairly good amplifiers, but in general those phono stages are mediocre at best, and will compromise the sound quality. I advise you to get the Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono stage, which is $200, and the sound quality will be much better. It is the best I have heard for under $500; really excellent.

I would prefer the NAD 316 amplifier.

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