Added to the Archives This Week

In his The Fifth Element #2, John Marks discusses in detail how to use common household items to render some audiophile magic. Marks explains, Aall you need is a very long piece of string, a tape measure, two bits of masking tape, a quantity of small self-adhesive removable note papers, and later, perhaps, a trip to the fabric store."

Last week, we ran John Atkinson's As We See It about surround abuse. This week, we have Kalman Rubinson exploring Surround Sound & Cognitive Dissonance. Rubinson writes, "Listening to multichannel music with the new SACD and DVD-Audio players has produced equal parts contentment and consternation." KR recounts his adventures as he tries to transform himself from a two-channel to a multi-channel audiophile.

"J-10, tweakoman," began the e-mail from Barry Willis, "hockey pucks are the cure for what ails you." Hockey Pucks? Jonathan Scull and BW reveal where to put 'em in Fine Tunes #35. "Yes, plain old generic black-rubber hockey pucks. Forget the spiked feet under the speakers. Take 'em off and slip three or four hockey pucks under them instead." Several other tweaks included.

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