Added to the Archives This Week

Barry Willis remembers well the British invasion: "Really Big Hi-Fi came to live with me for a couple of months this past spring in the form of a pair of Tannoy Churchill loudspeakers." After a challenging delivery, Willis wrestles the Tannoys into place and files his report. Victory at last?

Next, Paul Messenger makes a careful appraisal of the Naim NBL loudspeaker. As Messenger writes, "My enthusiasm for Naim speakers has long been tempered by a feeling that mechanical aspects of the design are given priority over acoustics and styling." But as Messenger finds, things are decidedly different this time around.

Two bonus follow-up reports this week: We've got Jonathan Scull's further comments on the dCS 972, as well as his added notes on the dCS Elgar Plus, both from the January 2001 issue.

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