Acoustic Geometry Curve System room treatments Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Versatile accessories to solve room acoustics problems.
Diffusors (all 42" H): CRV1442D Small Diffusor (14" W), $274.95. CRV2142D Medium Diffusor (21" W), $349.95. CRV3142D Large Diffusor (31" Width), $399.95.
Absorbers (all 42" H): CRV1442A Small Absorber (14" W), $245.99. CRV2142A Medium Absorber (21" W), $299.99. CRV3142A Large Absorber (31" W). $349.95.
Corner Trap (all 42" H): CRVTRAP Medium Corner Trap (21" W, includes CRVCT2042 Corner Trap frame and CRV2142D Medium Diffusor), $574.90.
Accessories: CRVSTAND2041 Stand gobo (42" H), $174.95. CRVCT2042 Corner Trap frame (42" H), $224.95. VC48 Voice Curve (48" H), $179.95.
Finishes: Prices based on Guilford fr701, Anchorage and Acoustic Suede. All other sizes and fabric options quoted on an individual basis. Approximate number of dealers: online for now.
Manufacturer: Acoustical Surfaces, Inc., 123 Columbia Court N., Chaska, MN 55318. Tel: (888) 227-6645. Fax: (952) 448-2613. Web:

Acoustical Surfaces, Inc.
123 Columbia Court N.
Chaska, MN 55318
(888) 227-6645
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