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Accuphase or Luxman CD players...

Anyone have experience with Accuphase CD players? (Not the SACD models.) I heard Accuphase DP55 a couple of days ago at a dealer, and it sounded great, but of course it was very expensive. Are these players dependable? How are they compared to models by Luxman, Esoteric, Ayre, etc? And are there comparable, more affordable alternative options, in terms of sound quality? Thanks

P.S. - preferably, if the CDP could serve as a DAC, too, that would be lovely; I'm already looking into Cambridge Audio 840C.

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Re: Accuphase or Luxman CD players...

Hi there,

I did have DP-55V machine for number of years and its "top-notch" performer in CD "red book" format. I sold my DP-55V and upgraded to Esoteric universal player. I would recommend only Accuphase, Esoteric & Wadia (if money isn't objection)


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