The 2011 California Audio Show

San Francisco is just as I remember it: Misty and gray, but smiling nonetheless.

The 2011 California Audio Show, sponsored by Dagogo, is being held Friday through Sunday, July 15 through 17, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Burlingame, CA, just minutes away from the San Francisco International Airport.

I arrived moments ago and have settled into my clean, quiet room. Actually, I should say I’ve settled into my fairly quiet room—I’m directly across from the Amarra suite and someone’s playing large-scale orchestral music in there. (It sounds pretty good, too!)

I’ll be blogging as fast as I can, so please check back often.

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John Atkinson's picture
Impatience is a virtue?

Hey, you've been there 30 minutes already! Where's the rest of the Show coverage? :-)

John Atkinson

Editor, Stereophile

Catch22's picture
A Good Place To Start

Is always with the lovely ladies greeting the guests. Snap to it already. :)

joyeous's picture
Welcome to the Bay Area!

Hi Stephen, maybe I will come to the show and run into you :-) It's awful weather but maybe you'll see some sun over the next two days...


Joy Bose 

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