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$1750 budget for disc-player and receiver/separates. What to buy?

I have a $1750 budget for a disc player and a receiver or separates. I'll be doing probably 60-40 movies-music, as this will power my 5.1 system. Any thoughts on what I should buy? I had my eyes on an Oppo 105 that's available for $100 off and a Marantz SR6007 that I can get for $649. Any thoughts?

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Last seen: 1 year 11 months ago
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I should have mentioned that my speaker setup is all Martin Logan: Motion 40 fronts, Motion 30 center, Dynamo 700 sub, and in-wall rears.

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For $1750 you may struggle to find separates w/o a deal or used

Even looking at Emotiva & Outlaw you may struggle to find a pre/pro, power amp and disc player on your budget unless you go used meaning a receiver may be your best option.

That being said, I very much like the Marantz line and think they offer a good value, especially with these clearance units.  I have a Marantz AV7005 pre/pro with an MM8003 power amp.  I believe the chip sets and functionality are very similar if not the same as in the SR6007.  It is a good video processor and the sound, especially for sountracks, is great.  I am sure that the receiver won't sound quite as good as separates but for ~$1000  less than the cheapest separates you are gonna find, that SR6007 is gonna be a pretty darn nice device.  I am certain that SR6007 won't have the latest, greatet 3D processing, but as long as you are good with straight HD, you will likely be very happy. 

Don't have personal experience with the Oppo disc players but everyone seems to feel they are the best. 

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System Choices

I suggest that you consider the Cambridge Audio 551R receiver and an OPPO BDP-103 player. This will cost $1700, and i don't think there is anything else you can buy for that price that will even come close to the sound quality of this combination.

The Cambridge receiver has far better sound quality than any other HT receiver I know of, and it also has the power to drive your speakers well without the need for external amplifiers. It runs $1200 at Audio Advisor.

The OPPO BDP-103 is not quite as good-sounding as the 105, but it is very good and only $500. It should sound a bit better than the Marantz player, although the Marantz  is not bad at all. If you could stretch your budget to $2200, by all means get the 105 and the 551R receiver.

Buying a 105 plus a processor plus power amplifiers to get better sound quality than the Cambridge receiver would cost at least double your budget. Getting cheap power amplifiers that would be within your budget would be a sonic disaster; don't try to do that.

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