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Sam Tellig

I truly hope Tom Gillette is healthy and returns to Stereophle soon. I have no idea what the "issue" is and have no desire to know. I don't particularly rely on Tom's viewpoints any more-just as I used to read Mikey's writing with relish long before I returned to vinyl-but he is first and foremost a real human being who conveys much of that with his content and style. So many audio writers stick with the impersonal and the banal. Too much of the audio reviewing is snoozefest. Not so with Tom.

Nothing stays the same forever and I can only presumeTom is nearing the end of his writing career. I miss Larry Archibald (quite a bit), Jonathan Skull (as a regular contributor) and Wes Philips too (ditto). They too managed to weave audio writing with real life. So it goes. At least Art Dudey and Mikey will be around for a while. Or so I would presume.

And while I am bloviating, it is a shame this forum is essentially dead. While it is surely true that with heightened activity comes the usual jerks with jerkish comments and attacks, I would much prefer that, which I can ignore, than silence. The other forums are mostly lacking in one way or another, and none feature the many experts at Stereophile who can chime in where warranted.

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  I have to whole heartily agree with everything you've said FSonicSmith , except the part about Mikey . I used to enjoy his words but now he's just way to far to the right to be of any practical use . He's about as biased as it gets , and seems to enjoy the distinction . 

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Let me correct my spelling

Let me correct my spelling lest anyone be offended, Jonathan Scull and Art Dudley Typo, Art, should you happen to see this. 

And also, Art, should you happen to read this, I just picked up an AMR DP777 largely based upon your review, and despite JA's measurements, which mean little to me. 

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Get well

Excellent post.  I agree with everything you have posted.

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