CAD Audio MH510 Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of CAD Audio MH510 Headphone (MSRP $159.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The new Sessions MH510 professional headphones from CAD Audio have been designed for performers in recording and live audio environments as well as audio enthusiasts who want to experience their favorite recordings exactly as the artist intended.

Growing from a decade long collaboration of CAD’s experience and expertise in the design of professional audio equipment, the MH510 headphones produce a wide frequency response (10Hz – 24kHz) with extended lows, smooth mids and articulate, life-like highs for accurate and natural reproduction.

The MH510’s high SPL capability delivers ample volume while the design provides exceptional isolation ensuring a private listening experience that virtually eliminates bleed through into the playback environment.

In addition to professional specifications and performance, the Session MH510 phones are available in a distinct and modern cosmetic design with four colors--Black, White/Red, Black Chrome and Black/Orange--to choose from.

The MH510s feature exceptional power handling capability along with high quality construction to stand up to the most demanding use without sacrificing extended listening comfort. Each headphone is supplied with two cables (coiled and straight) and two sets of earpads to satisfy changing user demands.

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Alec Morrison's picture

Super rad!

Shmoopy's picture

... I will win one of these days!

jamesk's picture


Down to 10 hertz?  Pick me, please!

JamesonGerdon's picture

Love the color and design! Way to go CAD

contac's picture

I'd like one! :)

badboy07's picture

with sugar on top.

Aktiv's picture

And thanks for doing this!

ltanasom's picture

Hope I can get one!!!

Look very nice....

Alion's picture

of headphones

jlburad66's picture

I want to try one.

asherman's picture

You can never have too many sets of headphones.

agentcooper's picture

Great to see new entrants into the headphone space. Would love the hear them myself

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I wouldn't say no.

RouletteRog's picture

I'm looking for a good set of headphones so I can listen to music over my apartment's AC unit that makes so much noise that I have to increase my stereo volume by 10 units to compensate.  (And I'm a few years away from saving up the money for a pair of Siegfried Linkwitz's speakers.)

douglas882's picture

Fabulous! Thank you!

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Lookin to win.

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because I have no good headphones

liuj88's picture

Pick me, please.

Tedrick's picture

Thanks, CAD Audio.  Would love to add these to the stable.

Vicolindo's picture

Odds of being struck by lightning are better.

Prole's picture

I really need a new set of cans.

simpsonjp's picture

 I really like the looks of the CAD headphones. If they sound as good as they look they   should be an easy sale at their asking price. But free is much better!

sarmentor's picture

I need new headphones

Samtmatthews's picture

Hey S.P. team - love the review and badly need new headphones, my dog ate my last pair!

Samtmatthews's picture

Hey S.P. team - love the review and badly need new headphones, my dog ate my last pair!

Ianrushsmustache's picture

Another sweepstakes entry.

oraange's picture

I tried to win a pair of these last month elsewhere.. Maybe 2nd time is a charm!

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Count Me In!

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mfino's picture

I'd love to win these - first of all, CAD is my job - Computer Aided Design - but mostly because they would be a huge upgrade over my Apple earpods.

auburn278's picture

Really :)

Narukas's picture

Really wide frequency response, it would be interesting to hear them in person.

TGBurnette's picture

Wonder how these stack up against the HD series by Sennheiser? A listening "session" is in order (pun intended).

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Especially free ones