Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Monitor Audio Airstream WS100 speakers (MSRP $399.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

If you're one of the millions who store and play music from a desktop or laptop, Monitor Audio has designed the WS100 wireless audio system with you in mind. It comprises a pair of stylish cube speakers with amps and wireless receiver on-board. The matching, compact monitors, just 5" in dimension, are precision engineered to deliver clean wideband lossless audio from any computer in seconds. Simply position the speakers, plug-in the USB transmitter and play CD quality sound wire-free.

Built for peerless ease of use, the WS100 operates with plug and play simplicity. Power up the speakers with a single mains connection and plug the SKAA transmitter dongle in the nearest USB. When in range of the transmitter (up to 10 metres) as many as four WS100 systems will receive the same source. Further dongles will send pristine lossless audio from up to four sources to the same WS100 system. Integrated with each DAC is a specialised wireless receiver, employing a very high quality digital audio protocol to transport audio from source to destination without compression. Operating in the 2.4GHz band, it protects the lossless signal from other networks with a patented Walking Frequency Diversity™ (WFD) technology, which uses sophisticated and seamless channel-hopping to eliminate clicks, pops and dropouts.

Each active speaker has been optimised to deliver the best audio experience possible from such a space-efficient system. Excellent acoustic design is dovetailed with advanced wireless architecture to maintain a clear signal path from source to speaker, free of the distortion that limits the enjoyment of music. Additionally, the WS100 monitors employ custom-designed tweeters and mid-bass drivers based on the C-CAM transducers used by Monitor Audio's flagship hi-fi speakers. Four decades of design knowhow give the WS100 system a specialised advantage, which rewards music lovers with fabulous lossless audio and robust reliability.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

DJ Solar Bear's picture

and thank-you.

themadmilkman's picture

If I keep entering these I'll eventually win, right?

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in this contest

partain's picture

   In advance.

Axiom05's picture

OK. Put my name in for this one.

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Cross my fingers

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I will laugh so hard when JohnnyR wins.

WAF Warrior's picture

No chance in %#!# i will win these little guys.



agordon10's picture

i want it

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Wonderful speakers

lenbell's picture

to have these

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Alec Morrison's picture

My speakers cost me 3.99$
I would quite enjoy owning these

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John in Baltimore's picture

Would love to present them to a certain someone . . . (even though I want to keep them!)

this's picture

This Monitor Audio speaker would work well in our place.

germay0653's picture

Let my ears measure it.

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I think I'm in love.

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These look pretty nice. 

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Very nice indeed !

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Great giveaway!  Thank you.

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Generous giveaway :)


We could always use more equipment!

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I hope to win.

Et Quelle's picture

They provide clean wideband lossless audio when applied to computers and cd players. But how do they perform as monitors?
And can they be used as monitors. That what I would do. They could be my fillin monitors so I would not have to use my
home theatre monitors. They don't sound bad for the money though! They are neat and kind of cool looking! I would love to
try them out for free.

Megido's picture

They would be perfect for work!

matthra's picture

a shot at the speakers.

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Dig them speaks!

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Thanks for the chance to win!

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me me me

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heather's picture


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I want  

I am 

I said 

I am

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Already a Monitor Audio home! These will fit right in.

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I'm in.

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Let's get some!

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Woot free! :)

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Win me !

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A great time to use one of these:cool

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I want to win this contest!!!

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What a wonderful giveaway. Would love to win. 

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no strings attached.

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Thanks for offering these awesome speakers in this giveaway!

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and these would be great.

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Like the angled bottom.


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