Focal XS Book Music System Sweepstakes

Register to win a Focal XS Book Music System (MSRP $299.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Whatever your musical taste, uncover all the power and emotion your music, movie and gaming collection has to offer with Focal’s elegant and compact desktop 2.0 active loudspeaker system. Based on 33-years of acoustic research and over a dozen patents, Focal has created the ideal powered desktop loudspeaker system that will delight your senses while delivering years of dependable service. Hear exactly what you’ve been missing; experience just how good desktop music can sound.

Focal’s powerful self-amplified XS Book desktop music system delivers stunning sound quality, the result of 33-years of music industry leadership.  Sonic inspiration for your laptop, your iPhone, your iTouch or iPod, the XS Book brings music and sound to life powerfully, and personally.

Two-year parts and labor warranty. Ships with a one meter AC cable, 1.5M stereo phone jack cable terminated in 3MM stereo plug, 1.5M loudspeaker extension cable and owners manual.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Zeffinga's picture


kmitch54's picture

Very sleek. Probably sound as good as they look.

PurestAV's picture

Pick me! Pick me! ME!!!

curly21029's picture me!  Heh.

jaywillin's picture

i'm a focal fan

stevo's picture

...that would be sweeeeet

Jon T. Gale's picture


david.parker83's picture

Needs you!

Doktor Avalanche's picture

Would not kick those out of bed

bsm539's picture

but i will take free stuff

matthra's picture


gg250cc's picture

i would love to basque in the glory of these beauties.....

jiminlogansquare's picture

Please, oh please!

tevirs's picture

I would love to have these for sure!

jhwalker's picture

Pick me ;)

onemorecappa's picture

would love these

jmq's picture

Very nice! Please allow me to enter. 

SnowmaNick's picture

Please add my name to the list of those interested.  Thanks.

TiFramelock's picture

Man, I could certainly use these...thanks for the oppertunuty!

Stirrio's picture


Bluesbob's picture

These look like something I need. Entered.

jamesk's picture

Prior pithy puns precluded procurement so please just give me these rather cool speakers.

Gubarenko's picture

i want them

acawaigmail's picture

I'd really like a pair.

jcbenten's picture

and would look great on my desk!

willkun's picture

Enough said?

willkun's picture

Enough said?

funambulistic's picture

Yes, please!

docdan50's picture


Music_Guy's picture

'would put these speakers to good use by updating my modest (by Stereophile standards) system...

spyder1's picture

Look Great!!

chunk23's picture


lawn_wrangler's picture

I'm in.

batman44's picture

I'll bet these rock!

martian's picture

These look like great speakers.

oenococcus's picture

Just what I need! Good luck to all...

badboy07's picture

These would be perfect for the home gym. Select me at random, please!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! MIne!

remlab's picture


alwool's picture

thanks, i will put these to good use

jbingham's picture

Nice for computer audio. Can we get the beryllium tweeter upgrade?

ypsi-slim's picture

I'm in - thanks.  Can use these!

BSam1961's picture

Enter me.  Thank you.

PekaJ's picture

Probably sound sweet too!

Dreamharrower's picture

Yes, very nice indeed.

tandem_dude's picture

Count me in

calaf's picture


WapatoWolf's picture

those would like great next to my imac!!

JohnyBGood's picture

I wish that these sweepstakes were open to Canadians.  I bet these speakers sound so good they could compliment a flatscreen, well.

oscarsosa's picture

Would be perfect setup for my desktop.


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