Schiit BiFrost USB and Modi DACs Sweepstakes

Register to win a Schiit BiFrost USB and Modi DAC (MSRP $449 Bifrost; $99 Modi) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Bifrost is the world's most affordable fully upgradable DAC, featuring 32-bit D/A conversion, a fully discrete analog section, and a sophisticated bit-perfect clock management system, together with one of the most advanced asynchronous USB 2.0 input sections available, as well as SPDIF coaxial and optical inputs, all with 24/192 capability.

Fully Upgradable: The Future-Proof DAC
Worried about rapidly-changing USB input technology? Concerned about future advances in D/A conversion? Bifrost's modular design uses separate, USB Input and DAC/Analog cards. The result? A virtually future-proof DAC that won't end up in the dumpster. 

Even without considering upgradability, Bifrost offers incredible value. Consider its AKM4399 32 bit D/A converter, used in DACs costing many times more than Bifrost. Also consider that our analog section is a fully discrete, low noise JFET design—just like multi-thousand-dollar "statement" DACs.

Advanced Bitperfect Clock Management and a Complete Range of Inputs: 
Most DACs in this price range sacrifice every single one of your original music samples to get their magic "192kHz" spec. Every input is routed through a sample rate converter and upsampled to 24/192. Bifrost dispenses with the sample rate converter and uses a sophisticated master clock management system to deliver bit-perfect data to the DAC, preserving all the original samples--whether it's 16/44.1 or 24/192. 

Have high-res music? No problem. Bifrost offers a full range of inputs: Coaxial and optical SPDIF, as well as USB. Bifrost's USB featues: a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and asynchronous data transfer to 24/192, based on the C-Media CM6631 USB receiver. No drivers are required for Macs, and Windows drivers are downloadable for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Modi is the most advanced USB DAC under $100 that is made in the USA. With a C-Media CM6631 USB 2.0 asynchronous input receiver and 24-bit AKM4396 DAC coupled to an active filter output stage, Modi is ideal for a computer-centered audio system.

USB Powered, No Drivers
: Modi plugs into virtually any Windows or Mac computer, and requires no drivers to deliver great sound, up to 24/96 sampling rates. It features asynchronous transfer with individual crystal oscillators for the 44.1 and 48k sampling rates, and uses the USB Audio 1.0 standard over USB 2.0, and is powered by the USB port.

24-Bit AKM4396 DAC

Modi uses the 24-bit AKM4396 DAC with switched-capacitor filtering and a high-quality active filter section with excellent line-driving capability. Yeah, we know, engineerese is a disease. What this means is that it uses one of the highest-performance DAC ICs out there, and it will comfortably drive long cables. You can easily hide Modi behind your computer and run long RCAs to your main audio system.

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great stuff

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I really need a dac... my TV is not the best for conversions..

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Yes please!

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I could really use this and actually go digital!

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All in.

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I'm in.

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My budget-fi system would benefit greatly from these (but so would alot of other people I expect).  Here's hoping they go to someone who'll put them to good use!

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I'm sick of my motherboard sound.

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I would love to win these.

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Thanks for the chance at new gear!

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That's some good Schiit!

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My current DAC supports up to 96kHz... would be great to dive into hi(er)-res audio with this kit!

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good schiit

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its the schiit

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Great promotion, and I need a USB DAC, so this works perfectly for me.

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Yea me too!

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Wouldn't mind winning this.

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Winning in good, but buying a piece of kit from Schiit you win also!

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Looks like a great item - I would love to win!

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I would like to be the recipient of these two luxury items for the following reason: I am not able to afford either of them otherwise. If you will allow me, I shall elaborate on that. Also, please remember that grace is defined as receiving what is not deserved.

We only have one car and my wife works full time days, M-F from 8am to 4:30pm and is gone from 7:15am to 5pm.

We tithe the first and full 10% of my wife's gross income to Tony Evans ministry per pay check as he is someone who has helped us for years. We are not willing to even consider stopping this as that would go against our faith and violate what we are commanded to do by God’s Word in the Bible.

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We still need to continue to receive a monthly food bank issuance that includes diapers from a local church that has also been the only source of Christmas presents for both of our boys for two years.

Once in a great while, we also go to a second food bank at another local church.

We do not want to be in need of any of these government or faith based programs, and while I highly desire to work full time in my career field of computer aided drafting and design that includes having worked at Cary Audio as an electronic test technician and designing a pair of two way floor standing speakers from scratch for them, but due to my unstable job history filled with so many temporary assignments and direct hire positions that got dissolved or down sized or restructured or asked me to do illegal things relating to fire alarm systems and the lack of a second car and the need and cost for day care of about $300 per week if I would get a full time first or even second shift job, I am for all practical purposes no longer employable. We also found that nearly all work at home opportunities are scams and we are not interested in any form of multi-level marketing ventures.


My last job was at the local McDonalds as a janitor in 2010. I earned about $89 for the whole year.  I quit due to nose bleeds from the cleaning fluids. I have not worked since.

I do not receive PA unemployment since November 2011. While I am unemployed, I am not counted or acknowledged as that any more as I am no longer in the state’s system.

We filed a joint chapter seven bankruptcy in July 2011 that was discharged in November 2011. Due to that, we do not have credit lines available other than the $200 secured one that my wife just got.

The payment on the car that we were blessed by God to get approved for has an interest rate of 18.75% and a payment of $370.14 per month for 5.5 years. That would be for a luxury vehicle.

Many times over the last few years, our checking account balance was less than $5.00 with a few times being less than $1.00 until pay day being more than a week away.

That gives you an overview of "where we have been and are". We struggle just to survive and maintain in all areas of life.

With all of that being said, and fully verifiable, I think that you can clearly see that there is no way that I would be able to afford either of these items; let alone both. It would truly be a gift from God flowing through you if I were the one to win these two items that for me are otherwise unattainable.

Thank you for your consideration.

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These will be perfect for my Sansui/JBL/Pioneer vintage system!  Help me get the most out of my digital, Stereophile!

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Oooh Ooooh Pick me! Pick me!

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good luck to all.

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good luck to all.

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Yes, I'll take both!

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Mark's in!  Thanks.

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Want it!

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Good luck to all!

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Please choose me!

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or Winner!

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Oh, yes, I'm entered!

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...look awesome!  I would love to win these.  PLEASE and thank you! 

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...the contest. Bet it sounds smooth as.... silk.

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Currently ripping all my CD's to ALAC, and this would make them sound alot better!

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that's me, a big joke

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I might be mistaken, but I believe I could use these.

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This would be a fantastic addition.


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Please !

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Would love to win these puppies!

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Keeping fingers crossed

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I would like to win

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Power to the people!

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Love the Shiit gear!  

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I need a new DAC!

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I'm looking forward to winning this. And when I do, I'll celebrate with a big and loud Ric Flair 'Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!'. 

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Upgradable component! Would be a nice additions to my new system that includes a phono cartridge. blush

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Would be great for my new HTPC!!!

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Wow, would be a great addition.

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It's the spice of life!

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Looks like good Schitt Maynard!

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I will win...I will win....I will win...I will win

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nice schiit dacs

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I'm in...

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Let me win this schitt!!

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Well... How about that!

Something that shares it's name with me!

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Did that sound dirty?

The randomest, DACiest comment I can think of.


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Boom, can't wait :)

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What does a broke A/V installer have to do to win one of these fancy prizes?

Zero for four so far and I'm starting to think nobody at Stereophile loves me. My headphones are getting lonley and I think that these guys would get along great with my Grados. If i could just win these I wouldn't ansk for anything else. I promise! 

Even if you don't love me anymore, think of my headphones! You guys wouldn't want to hurt thier feelings, would you? WOULD YOU?

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I can win this?

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Would LOVE to win!

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Im in

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A concept I have yet to try.

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Just let me have it.

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Checked out their website the other day--I love the voice and humor of their descriptions! And you've gotta love that this Schiit is Made in the USA!

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Thank you.

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Oh man, I would love one of these DAC's. I've been looking at the Schiits for a while now. They look great.

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I'd love to win these!

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I bet it sounds good...

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I'm in!

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Nice minimalistic design!

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Wait... so I CAN use it to open a portal to other worlds that will send hoardes of soldiers to attack earth so I can summon The Avengers to fight them off? Cool. 

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I want it!

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I'm a Schiit fan :-))

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Next to my Mac Mini!

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A great addition to my AV rack.

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Here goes nothing.