Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter Sweepstakes

Register to win an Benchmark DAC2 HGC Digital-to-Analog Converter (MSRP $1995) we are giving away.


According to the company:

Benchmark has just raised the bar with the new DAC2 HGC, defining a new reference. With over 15 new features, the DAC2 HGC packs more processing power in the same DAC1 series form factor.

The DAC2 HGC is a reference-grade digital to analog converter, stereo system pre-amplifier, and headphone amplifier with infrared remote control. It supports D/A conversion of PCM sample rates up to 192 kHz, as well as direct DSD conversion. Other features include sample rate and word length display, UltraLock2™ jitter attenuation, asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, polarity switch, home theater bypass, bi-directional 12V trigger, additional analog and digital inputs and outputs, digital pass-through, and high-efficiency low-noise power supplies.

The DAC2 HGC builds upon Benchmark’s highly successful DAC1 family. Every DAC1 subsystem has been redesigned and upgraded to achieve higher performance. The DAC2 HGC includes an updated version of Benchmark's highly effective UltraLock™ jitter-attenuation system. DSP processing is 32-bits, DSP headroom is 3.5 dB, sample rate is 211 kHz, and jitter-induced distortion and noise is at least 140 dB below the level of the music - well below the threshold of hearing. Benchmark's UltraLock2™ system eliminates all audible jitter artifacts.

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shiitaki's picture

I would like to enter the drawing for the DAC please!  

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I'll take one please.

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Prepare to enter to win!

Preparing to enter to win.

Enter to win!

Entering to win.

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I would love to win this.

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Would love to win this!

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Please accept my entry.

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especially if it improves upon the the original.  Oh and btw.. would sure love to win this!

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Thankful for consideration....angle

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i like stereos 

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I would love to try Benchmark's latest.  Thanks!

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I have a good feeling about this one you will be emailing me shortly cheeky

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random lucky commenter

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Me want

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Perusing the information superhighway,
I came across a delightful sweepstake,
It's an excellent DAC,
And it's going free chaps!
I hope I'm bloody lucky today.

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Wow, I've never seen so many "comments" before.

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benchmark DACs are the best!

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Shiny and New....the benchmark...something something awesome.

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My DAC badly needs to be upgraded.

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would be amazing to win a Benchmark!

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Benchmark has always set the highest standards in development of DAC's. I hope I win!

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I hope I win this. It would be an awesome upgrade.

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Me want! Bad

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I want one please.

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Benchmark DAC's are excellent.

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I'm in like Flynn!

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I'd love to audition a new DAC.

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I really, really, hope I win! 

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Let's make every post a winner.

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I'm in

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This is unbelievable. I could only dream of being able to own one of these. Good luck everybody.smiley

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I would love to have one!

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The resolution will be heard!

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Win, please!

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To my Mytek.

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Fingers crossed. Pick me!

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for my DAC1....

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Thank you in advance!!

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I want one.

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as I said, I want it now....

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Wow, this tank looks like an wonderful way to get away from "low fi"/"medium fi" and start on my first hifi.

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Thank you for this!

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absolutly cool

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Wow do I need this !!!

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"Baby, even the losers... get lucky sometimes".....

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 to my setup

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Count me in!

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... I may have to commit to getting it better company. :-)

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This would be a great addition.

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Wouldn't mind adding this to my system one bit!

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WOW!!!! This is Great!

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I would love this as a new headphone amp.

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Count me in, please.

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Nice dac

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I could sure use something like this.  The DAC I currently use is outdated and could surely be improved.

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DSD is the new frontier and I want to ride that train!

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Better than dac 1 plus dsd  and maybe free?What more could you ask for?

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Gimme gimme!

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I'll take one please!

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Nice but I cannot afford it. Maybe I will win, maybe not.

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Hope I get to say thank you.

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Let give luck a chance

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Sounds like Benchmark has raised the level of its already impressive DAC.

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Well I'd certainly love one of these!

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Sign me up!

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Can I have it, please.

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Would love to have that in my system, may have to either way!

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This would let me enjoy all of the music I have on my computer and free me from sound card reliance or redundant speaker setups. But, aside from luck of the draw, it's also another piece of good equipment I can only wish for currently.

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Pick Me!

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Nice DAC

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I would love to win.

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How Great!

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I want.

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would be a very nice addition.

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I cant so no to this offer!

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Winning this would make my year!!

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Doubt I'll win.....prove me wrong. 

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DSD just what i need!!! thanks

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I need this  DAC!


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Would love this in my studio!

ach's picture

I’d like to congratulate Benchmark for keeping up w/ the competition and adding DSD. Another improvement is simplified gain control. In DAC1, variable vs non-variable gain – non-variable mode required an adjustment of each channel w/ the trim pots, which was quite inconvenient for a regular user. It’s also good to have the indicators for the sample rate and word length. However, I’m surprised that Benchmark didn’t disclose the type of the low-pass filter used (linear phase, minimum phase, or apodizing). It shouldn’t be such a big deal, especially now when everyone uses pretty much similar technology. There is also no option for user-selectable filter, but perhaps the price couldn’t be the same. Also, I found that the manual is not always clear enough in explaining all features available (eg, I couldn’t find what the HT indicator on the front panel is for).

avigers's picture

I'm saving up for one of these anyway, so heck yes - add me to the list!

Thank you.

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But can it compete with the Schiit Bifrost?

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Oh, Benchmark, be mine ;-)

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I wouldn't turn one down.

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You betch I want one of those puppies