Fela Kuti Box Set Compiled by Ginger Baker from Turntable Lab Sweepstakes

Register to win the Fela Kuti Box Set Compiled by Ginger Baker from Turntable Lab (MSRP $99) we are giving away.

According to Turntable Lab:

The second curated box set of long-awaited reissues from Fela Kuti is finally here! This time around, Knitting Factory Records has enlisted frequent Fela collaborator Ginger Baker to take the honors in selecting 6 classic LPs from the godfather of afrobeat's illustrious catalog. Baker's selections for this set include his own collaboration record, Live with Ginger Baker from '71, Roforofo Fight from '72, Confusion and Alagbon Close from '74, He Miss Road from '75, and Na Poi from '76.

Each of the albums have been painstakingly reproduced with full color album art and vintage labels making these particular reissues an excellent choice for collectors. If you're unfamiliar with Fela Kuti's music, this release is the excellent place to start - for longtime fans, this is an opportunity to own some of the harder to find records in a deluxe, expertly packaged set.

The box also includes a 12 page full-color booklet with an essay by Ginger Baker, liner notes from veteran British music journalist Chris May, and a poster designed by H. Cuadrado. Recommended.

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pb1129's picture

Lets Start What We Have Come In To The Room... To DO..

tibblk's picture

This is awesome.

branon's picture

Hopefully my first lucky break of the year...

funambulistic's picture

Yes please!

MatthewSTL's picture

My four year old and I would jam to this all day long. Thanks for offering this contest!

alexwgoody's picture

hoping for an addition to my currently all digital Fela collection.

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tich's picture

This is the best giveaway ever!

texanalog's picture

I've enjoyed my one Fela album that I purchased back in the eighties & have always wanted to hear more but never got around to it. Now's my chance!

ChrisNixon's picture

Thanks for this opportunity

DanWells's picture

This looks like a great introduction to Fela Kuti, On vinyl none-the-less.

firthy's picture

Now this is cool!

Shaffer's picture

I'm in!

prof's picture

I would totally love that.

d_or2000@yahoo.com's picture

The four I have are a great selection. Looking forward to have the others!

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Would love this in the collection!

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No whammies!

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