The Beach Boys Remasters 12 CD Box Set and Merchandise Sweepstakes

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According to EMI Music:

The 12 Beach Boys studio albums have been digitally remastered by Mark Linett and will be released on CD and digitally, most featuring mono and stereo mixes. The albums are: Surfin’ U.S.A.; Surfer Girl; Little Deuce Coupe; Shut Down, Volume 2; All Summer Long; The Beach Boys Today!; Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!); Beach Boys Party!; Pet Sounds; Smiley Smile; Sunflower (stereo mix only); and Surf’s Up (stereo mix only).

These releases mark the stereo debut of Smiley Smile and Beach Boys Party!, while The Beach Boys Today! and Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) are being released in stereo for the first time in their entirety. The new releases include the first-ever stereo mixes of several key Beach Boys classics, including “Good Vibrations,” “Help Me, Rhonda,” “I Get Around,” and “409,” among others.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Regadude's picture

OHHH! How happy I would be to win this!

brw's picture

Thank you Stereophile! Cannot wait to hear the new mixes.

jmq's picture

Stoked to be in the running for cool tunes!

MtnBeachBum's picture

Insert witty comment here..

gcvanwinkle's picture

I'm in...

valenroy's picture

Hit me!

philipjohnwright's picture

a good start to the New Year

Bluesbob's picture

I'd like to see Holland included, but you can't have everything.

Dick James's picture

I hope I win!

sweepey's picture

Good vibrations!

otaku's picture


matthra's picture

Gettin' them good vibrations ...

Paul55's picture

I could really use some Good Vibrations here.

scardeal's picture

Get her out of my heart!

jmsent's picture

sweet, sweet music.

desennium's picture

if I could win this!!!!!!!!!

torturegarden's picture

I always enter these contests and never win. I would be nice to win one once.

W Guyll's picture

I'll be in my room.

jamesk's picture

help me Rhonda...and Jon Iverson, too!  Happy New Year everybody!

ppopson's picture

Winning entry.

TreAdidas's picture

Put me in the running!!

the dog's picture

"happy New Year" 

pconley2's picture

I am looking forward to these, I have two already and they are great (Surfin USA and Today).  Nice to have great reissues of these essential albums.

swimkinney2's picture

I would love to add these remasters to my collection

szhosain's picture

Would be awesome to win this ... would love to have a re-mastered set of their work.

john abramson's picture

The current picture brings back memories of Dennis Wilson, an essential member of the group, who died far too young.  The Beach Boys sans Dennis were never again able to remain attached to the beach/surf/sun culture. Dennis was for real.

mozart19's picture

Gotta get a new CD player for my Little Deuce Coupe!

kennethbgray2001's picture

I used to live ibn sacarmento

mauidj's picture

Wouldn't it be nice......

saronian's picture

The original Surfin' Safari!


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