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My name Phuc, from Da Nang City, Vietnam. Pleasure to be acquainted with you heart. This is the orchestral player. We hope to receive your votes and reviews. Thank you very much. smiley

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your images are not appearing...

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Hi Ariel. I'm sorry, I'm trying to upload pictures but have not succeeded. The photos will appear soon. Thanks.smiley

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thanks for your post.

do you want to try reposting?

I'd like to delete the invalid images.

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Hi Ariel.

I tried to post my images on the "Home Audio Systems" page but I can not, can you help me? Please delete the invalid images. I would like to add a few more photos in this comment. You can put its on my gallery? Thanks a lot. smiley


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looks good! not sure what you did differently, but your images are now working.

Please feel free to continue posting!

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