Waterfall Speakers

Prior to having attended TAVES, if you had asked me what the connection was between "loudspeakers" and "waterfall," I would have referred to the "waterfall plot" of frequency response that is part of John Atkinson's speaker test regimen.

But it turns out there's another connection: there's a line of speakers called "Waterfall." Made in France, these speakers' claim to fame is that their cabinets are made of glass. (They also make some speakers of a more conventional design.) On demo at TAVES, and shown here by Lawrence Mittler, were the Victoria Evo ($6000/pair) and the Iguascu Evo ($4500/pair). The Victoria Evo is a three-way, and the Iguescu Evo is a two-way, both featuring an additional downward-facing passive radiator. The drivers are made by Atohm in France. Madonna, Oprah, and Jennifer Lopez are all said to be owners of Waterfall speakers.

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volvic's picture

This picture is wrong on so many levels.  

leon66's picture

I think Waterfall is definitely onto something with these clever and appealing speakers. Their style is clear to see. I want 2  ;)

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