It’s okay to like R.E.M. again, and not just because their latest single (“Uberlin”) is the band’s best in over a decade: In the exhibit sponsored by EgglestonWorks and Rogue Audio, R.E.M.’s “How the West Was Won and Where it Got Us” sounded so good and so clear and so utterly fresh that I literally did not, at first, recognize the music. The combination of Rogue Hera II preamplifier ($7995) and Apollo monoblock amplifiers ($10,995/pair) plus Eggleston Andra III loudspeakers (ca $24,000 per pair) contributed to my wondering if the album from which that single sprung—1997’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi—might be better than I thought. I guess I’ll give the LP version another try (although I maintain that NAIHF represented the very nadir of the group’s covert-art pretentiousness). The Axpona experience renewed, in particular, my admiration for Rogue Audio’s persistence in making superb tube electronics at sane, fair prices.

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Damn! I love those speakers! Of course, I'm biased since I own a pair of Andra II's :-)

Mark Evans

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I concur with Art Dudley's comments. The combo of Rogue Audio and Eggleston was sounding good when I walked in their room on Saturday. I had not heard the Andra's in over 6 years. Pictures do these speakers no justice. They are soooo gorgeous in person. Both the Rogue Audio monoblocks and Andra looked very elegant and sounded marvellous.

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