Acoustic Signature–CH–VTL–Vivid

An Acoustic Signature Ascona with SME Series 5 tonearm and low-out moving-coil Ortofon Rohmann cartridge made beautiful music leading a system comprising VTL MB-450 Series III monoblock power amplifiers, TL-7.5 Series III preamplifier, and TP-6.5 phono preamplifier. Speakers were the distinctive and dynamic Vivid G2 Giya.

To start off our listening, I picked one of my sister’s favorite albums, Adele’s 21. I noted a great sense of forward momentum and stunning dynamic range, all of Adele’s strong soulfulness communicated fully. I turned to Rosemarie, and I searched for some sign of recognition of the beauty which radiated before us, but she was thumbing through e-mails on her iPhone.

Next we turned to the Swiss-made CH transport and DAC, and called up a Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson track and, as the music began to unfold, I leaned over to Rosemarie and tried to explain imaging and soundstaging. She nodded like she understood what I was getting at, and when Hunt-Lieberson soared into the picture, we both shut the hell up and shot back into our seats and listened, possessed and enthralled. (Or at least I was possessed and enthralled.)

Finally, during a Dead Can Dance track, I was shocked by the scary realism of the fast percussion combined with the relaxed, fluid midrange and stable soundstage. I turned to Rosemarie, who seemed a bit bored.

“Are you not impressed by this?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Um, I mean, sort of.”

“What? 'Um, you mean, sort of?!' What’s wrong with you, woman?”

This was one of my favorite rooms at the Munich High End Show.

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xrandom's picture

They say certain systems almost "talk", as "state of the Art".

All in all also Michelangelo asked his Moses: "Why don't you talk ?"

vclements's picture

I'm sure it sounded awesome, but try as I might I cant get past the Giya's looking to me like a cross between a teletubbie and a smurf - call me old fashioned and unimaginitive.

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