Red Red Wine

Red Wine Audio has been expanding their range of battery-powered audio electronics: they have the Isabella preamp, with optional built-in DAC; Signature 30.2 power amplifier, with optional volume control, and Signature 70.2 monoblock amplifiers. The system at FSI used Omega Super Hemp speakers, which use a driver that in the version demoed at the show was equipped with an Alnico magnet structure, and it sounded very nice indeed.
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Ted Wilk's picture

This was clearly one of my favorite rooms regardless of price at the last 3 audio shows with the new redwine amps-now a pre-dac and the Alnico driverfrom Omega loudspeakers imaging was rich layered with a huge soundstage a tough act to follow for competition and none at this price point IMHO.

Jim Albright's picture

I second that the Omega loudspeakers seemed to me even better this year maybe the Alnico magnets do make a big difference. I did not even know there was a subwoofer untll it was pointed out it was fast and seamless .

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