Aurum Integrates CD Player/Amplifier/Loudspeaker

Aurum Acoustics is one of the Canadian audio success stories. Located in Newfoundland, well away from the Toronto-Montreal technology axis, they've succeeded in breaking into the heady world of ultra-high-end audio with an unusual product: an integrated CD player/amplifier/loudspeaker combination. The price is $32,000, with extras like an isolation rack, special power cables, etc., adding another $4k or so. It's a "turnkey" system, and it works. Designer Derrick Moss has to be given a lot of credit for creating the synergy among the different components of the Aurum Acoustics system. In true audiophile fashion, he continues to tweak the system; the most recent tweaks were some internal changes in the mid/high amplifier, and the use of Crystal Cable for internal wiring. The system at FSI sounded great, particularly when playing Ray Charles' version of "Over the Rainbow."
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Jason Schultz's picture

For playing the soft jazz that I brought to CES, this was the best system, in my opinion, when it came to smooth-resolution-lifelike sound I heard at CES. They were the first stop on that Thursday, and well worth the time. This system is what I define as audio nirvana!

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