Thank you, Moscode

It's hardly news to see Moscode’s 401HR 200Wpc hybrid amplifier ($4995, factory-direct price until January 1) heaped with praise. But let me tell you, after walking in and out of countless rooms powered by single-ended triode amplification that got some things right while they pretended others simply didn’t exist, encountering Moscode’s full-range sound was tantamount to setting foot on terra firma. Mated with Joseph Audio RM33LE speakers ($10,500/pair) and Cardas Golden Reference cabling, the configuration had me smiling. Three cheers to the show attendee who played the song about pay phones by the Hunger Mountain Boys.
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Al Marcy's picture

Getting anything right is simply an illusion :) Perhaps pretense is not the crime you fear ...

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Thank you for this, Al. We must talk metaphysics sometime :-). What I had hoped to imply, albeit imperfectly, is that music performed in a good live acoustic (as opposed to many of the dry and near dead spaces that pass for acceptable concert venues) has limitless high extension and deep bass. I don't fear a gorgeous midrange, but when it sits there, all by itself, and asks for acceptance as the whole enchillada, I prefer to sup elsewhere.

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