Rosemarie Torcivia

This is Rosemarie Torcivia. I just met her today. She works for Source Interlink Media, the parent company of Stereophile and Home Theater magazines. She gets to spend her days at CES in the Stereophile and Home Theater suite answering questions and being a knowledgeable and friendly face for the dealers, manufactures and readers who pop in to say hello. She was thrilled when I took her picture and told her she was going to be in the official Stereophile CES blog. I was thrilled when Rosemarie helped Jon Iverson and I get lunch today. I like Rosemarie and I bet you would too.

norbert's picture

She is in the March Playboy in their Girls of CES spread

GEORGE's picture

Hubba Hubba, is she into VINYL..............................Latex? Or any other forms of plastic?I bet she is tone deaf? Has to be something wrong with her, can't be as perfect as she appears?

Hans's picture

She has a very non-fatiguing set of woofers

Jim Tavegia's picture

You nerds need to check your pocket protectors for leaking pens. Can your Moms take you out in public?


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