B&W 805 Series Diamond Two-way Monitor

B&W's openng day press conference at the LVCC revealed an entirely new line of Diamond Series loudspeakers in a new piano-black finish. This new vintage comes from the line of monitors that included the Diamond Silver Signature ,an $18,000/pair high-end two-way that had been produced in a limited run of 1000 pairs. The smallest member of this speaker line is a two-way, stand-mounted monitor called the B&W 805 Series Diamond, a strong value at $5000/pair. The stands are extra, but are now available in black.

EricParis4fr's picture

I have a pair of 805 Signature red eye. I have asked the BW product manager in France and he said that it will be too expensive to upgrade 805 S or Signature towards 805 Diamond.Everything except the envelop in wood is different : crossover , medium loudspeaker, cables,and phase, etc...too bad but understandable.

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Red eye? Is this a Vivid production

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This new black gloss finish B&W has cooked up lately is horrible and difficult to maintain in even a reasonably clean home. I am not sure why they feel as if every one of their new speakers needs to be in gloss black these days. It's a bit tacky looking, damages easily and shows cleaning caused swirl marks horribly due to the nano-technology thin finish (they should have slathered it with 3/8" clear lacquer over black poly which would have been nearly indestructible but no….). Not to mention how reflective that finish can be resulting in a situation where every few seconds you will be looking over at your speakers when TV or Projector reflections cause you to be distracted at lighting changes, creating a very irritating theater or movie experience. Poor finish choice for a 5K speaker which after being dusted 10 times will look 10 years old. Not for me.

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I listened to the 805 diamonds yesterday. And I just have to say WOW, to bad I cannot change the size of the characters, because these are BIG WOW.Ok, they have only been played for about 20 hours, so I guess there would be additional WOW to get from them.I certainly heard micro details never heard before. Every little detail from the music were very well staged, and the music seemed to flow from nowhere. I actually enjoyed these speakers so much I almost did fall asleep. It was so relaxing and enjoyable with these extremely detailed, but yet very balanced and easy listened speakers.It is a beauty, which is as enjoyable to listen to as to look at. I think Im in love!

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Ever since I had a listen to the big 800D I've been waiting for the little 805 to get the diamond treatment. This fits my budget and living room much better.

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Einfach super die neue B&w805d

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Die neue B&W 805d ,high end pur

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Yes, I think they sound fine, but 5.000 is definitely obscene. At this price I´ll buy a diamond for wife and I still have money to buy an excellent ProAc, Monitor Audio, Spendor, whatever

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I am looking at paying for this wonderful presenter ,i have go through opinions for it but i value the viewpoints of all audiophiles here  , any excellent stuff to say of it and recommend excellent online/offline store to bag it.

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The non diamond version of the 805 sound amazing as it is. So I am quite confused about that which one is better. However it's looking Great!


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