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Stereophile Posted: Feb 14, 1999 96 comments

Audio wisdom holds that musicians tend to neglect their stereo systems. But we're wondering how many of <I>Stereophile</I>'s readers play music themselves, both for fun and professionally.

Do you play any musical instruments?
11% (25 votes)
Guitar/bass guitar
30% (67 votes)
8% (18 votes)
Violin, cello, other strings
3% (6 votes)
4% (8 votes)
4% (9 votes)
6% (14 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Other (please specify)
6% (14 votes)
28% (62 votes)
Total votes: 223
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 07, 1999 165 comments

Most audiophiles' record collections include LPs <I>and</I> CDs, but one format invariably is played more than the other. In yours, which one is it, and by how much?

CD vs. LP: which one gets the most airtime in <I>your</I> listening room?
100% LP
3% (11 votes)
90% LP, 10% CD
9% (38 votes)
80% LP, 20% CD
7% (27 votes)
70% LP, 30% CD
6% (26 votes)
60% LP, 40% CD
4% (18 votes)
50% each
3% (12 votes)
40% LP, 60% CD
3% (13 votes)
30% LP, 70% CD
4% (16 votes)
20% LP, 80% CD
6% (25 votes)
10% LP, 90% CD
13% (54 votes)
100% CD
38% (156 votes)
other (explain)
3% (11 votes)
Total votes: 407
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Federico Cribiore Posted: Jan 31, 1999 109 comments

Some people think that an audio component, like a good wine, reveals its full bouquet only when enjoyed and evaluated at length. Others think they can immediately tell whether or not a component is to their liking. Reader Federico Cribiore wants to know: How long does it takes you?

How long does it take you to get an idea of a component's true musical character?
No time---I can tell instantly
4% (8 votes)
10 minutes/1 song
13% (27 votes)
1 hour/1 CD
16% (33 votes)
1 day
15% (32 votes)
1 week
22% (46 votes)
A lot longer than that . . .
29% (61 votes)
Total votes: 207
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 31, 1999 0 comments

The February issue sees the latest update of <I>Stereophile</I>'s "Records To Die For," in which the magazine's staff reveals what got them going in 1998. But what about <I>your</I> choice?

What was <I>your</I> 1998 Record 2 Die 4? (Just one, please!)
Here it is . . .
93% (115 votes)
Don't have one
7% (9 votes)
Total votes: 124
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 17, 1999 0 comments

Some form of high-resolution digital audio is right around the corner. Whether it's SACD, DVD-Audio, or both, will you be an early adopter, or will you wait until the dust settles?

Will you jump right in with the new high-resolution audio formats when they're finally released, or will you wait? In either case, why?
I'll jump right in
8% (23 votes)
I'll wait a month or so
3% (7 votes)
I'll wait 6 months
9% (26 votes)
I'll wait a year
30% (83 votes)
I'll wait for a couple of years
27% (75 votes)
I <I>have</I> a high-resolution format: LP
14% (38 votes)
I don't really care
9% (26 votes)
Total votes: 278
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 03, 1999 58 comments

The benefits of more choice or an audiophile disaster? It seems that Sony/Philips' SACD and DVD-Audio are on a collision course in their race for the title of the next high-end audio format. If they decide to duke it out, we'll get to compare the two formats ourselves, but is this good or bad for the audiophile?

Will a format war between SACD and DVD-Audio be good or bad for audiophiles? Why or why not?
Good---let them fight it out!
23% (25 votes)
Bad---settle before going to market!
60% (66 votes)
It won't matter
9% (10 votes)
I don't care
8% (9 votes)
Total votes: 110
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 27, 1998 0 comments

Our question about <I>Stereophile</I>'s equipment reviews two weeks back generated hundreds of responses. Let's dig a little deeper: Other than equipment and music reviews, what do you find most useful or enjoyable in the magazine?

Other than equipment and music reviews, what is your favorite part of <I>Stereophile</I>?
As We See It
1% (2 votes)
10% (25 votes)
Industry Update
18% (45 votes)
Sam's Space
29% (71 votes)
Analog Corner
17% (43 votes)
Astor Place/"Undercurrents"
6% (14 votes)
Fine Tunes
8% (19 votes)
Car Tunes/"Quarter Notes"
2% (4 votes)
Manufacturers' Comments
4% (9 votes)
The Final Word
0% (0 votes)
Building a Library
3% (7 votes)
Feature stories/Interviews
3% (8 votes)
Total votes: 247
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 20, 1998 0 comments

Danger! Fragile Ego Territory! Vote for your favorite <I>Stereofool</I>!

Among <I>Stereophile</I>'s current batch of hardware scribes, who is your favorite? Use the "Comments" box to vote for writers not listed.
John Atkinson
8% (18 votes)
Wes Phillips
13% (29 votes)
Sam Tellig
28% (63 votes)
Michael Fremer
16% (35 votes)
Jonathan Scull
9% (21 votes)
Thomas J. Norton
9% (21 votes)
Martin Colloms
8% (19 votes)
Robert Deutsch
3% (6 votes)
Kalman Rubinson
2% (4 votes)
Lonnie Brownell
2% (5 votes)
Brian Damkroger
1% (2 votes)
Chip Stern
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 225
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 14, 1998 114 comments

A continuation of last week's question. Equipment reviews are <I>Stereophile</I>'s bread and butter. Do they strike a good balance between technical details and subjective impressions? Are the measurements, charts, and graphs useful to you?

How could <I>Stereophile</I>'s equipment reviews be improved? The listed choices are for your convenience; use the "Comments" box to make other suggestions.
More budget gear
13% (30 votes)
More mid-priced gear
20% (47 votes)
More exotic gear
4% (9 votes)
More photos of gear
4% (10 votes)
More bench tests
1% (2 votes)
More side-by-side comparisons
13% (30 votes)
More three-way (or more) comparisons
27% (62 votes)
More electronic and acoustic theory
3% (8 votes)
More consideration of compatibility with associated gear
9% (22 votes)
More emphasis on reliability
2% (5 votes)
More emphasis on upgradability
1% (3 votes)
Mention manufacturer's track record with similar products
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 232
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 06, 1998 90 comments

Is it the reviews of hardware or music or both? Do you like to get technical or not? When you read about audio in magazines, no matter whose magazine it might be, what do you really like to see, and what would you like to see more of?

What types of articles do you most like to read in magazines about audio? Leave suggestions in the "Comments" box for articles you'd like to see.
Equipment reports
48% (105 votes)
Music reviews
6% (13 votes)
Industry news
2% (4 votes)
Technical features
7% (16 votes)
Industry interviews
1% (3 votes)
Music interviews
0% (1 vote)
Best of the year features
1% (2 votes)
An even mix of the above
26% (57 votes)
None of the above, here's my idea . . .
8% (17 votes)
Total votes: 218
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Stereophile Posted: Nov 29, 1998 108 comments

Many audiophiles have substantially improved the sound of their systems by experimenting with vibration control. How about you?

Have you tried controlling vibration in your system?
Yes! A huge improvement!
21% (46 votes)
Yes. A notable improvement.
38% (85 votes)
Yes. A marginal improvement.
21% (47 votes)
Yes. No improvement.
5% (10 votes)
Yes. A big disappointment.
1% (3 votes)
Yes. Made it sound worse.
0% (1 vote)
No. Vibration control is voodoo.
5% (11 votes)
No. I don't care.
8% (18 votes)
Total votes: 221
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Dan Landen Posted: Nov 22, 1998 0 comments

CD players started life as single boxes, but audiophiles soon broke them down into separate transports and D/A converters. Jitter-reduction devices were soon added, but now some manufacturers are going back to a single-box approach. Which do you prefer?

Do you prefer a "one-box" CD player, or separate transport and D/A converter boxes? Why?
One box is best
58% (151 votes)
Separate transport and converter
14% (37 votes)
Separate transport and converter with jitter reduction
17% (43 votes)
Still deciding
11% (28 votes)
Total votes: 259
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Stereophile Posted: Nov 15, 1998 0 comments

DVD players are backward-compatible with CDs, offering consumers the ability to replace their CD players with DVD decks. Some record companies have released DVD-Videos carrying 24/96 high-resolution audio to take advantage of the new format, and DVD-Audio should be just around the corner.

Have you, or do you plan to, replace your CD player with a DVD machine?
Have already replaced CD player with DVD
16% (50 votes)
Will replace CD with DVD soon
10% (32 votes)
Will wait a while
15% (48 votes)
Will wait for DVD-Audio to arrive
37% (115 votes)
Not interested in a DVD player right now
22% (68 votes)
Total votes: 313
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Bard-Alan Finlan Posted: Nov 09, 1998 89 comments

The technology exists to create high-end audio programming that could finally solve the problem audiophiles have had with FM radio for years. But would you be interested enough to buy the equipment and/or pay for the service?

Would you be interested in a high-end audio broadcast medium?
Very interested
31% (69 votes)
Moderately interested
19% (44 votes)
13% (29 votes)
Mildy bemused
14% (32 votes)
Not really interested
16% (36 votes)
Who cares?
7% (16 votes)
Total votes: 226
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Stereophile Posted: Nov 02, 1998 0 comments

The common wisdom of "bigger is better" doesn't always hold true in audio. High-end speaker systems, for example, have been getting bigger and smaller at the same time. Which trend do you favor?

Have you been moving toward bigger or smaller speakers in recent years?
Bigger is better
26% (66 votes)
About the same size---big
14% (36 votes)
About the same size---medium
11% (27 votes)
About the same size---small
6% (16 votes)
Getting smaller
21% (52 votes)
Size doesn't matter
22% (54 votes)
Total votes: 251


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