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Stereophile Staff Posted: Sep 16, 2001 128 comments

There are numerous ways to voice an audio system, ranging from lush sound (no matter what the source) to a "warts-and-all" honesty that may be hard to listen to at times. Which do you prefer?

Do you prefer a euphonic audio sound or absolute accuracy?
I want honesty
40% (126 votes)
A little of both
47% (148 votes)
I want lush sound
13% (40 votes)
Total votes: 314
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Robert Gantz Posted: Sep 09, 2001 0 comments

Reader Robert Gantz wonders, now that the major record labels have committed to adding copy protection processing to at least some of their CDs, are you ready to reduce or stop buying new music until they stop?

With all the talk of record labels adding copyright protection to CDs, would you consider a boycott on new music purchases?
34% (129 votes)
Only the protected discs
48% (181 votes)
I'll reduce purchases
3% (13 votes)
No, I'll keep buying as normal
11% (42 votes)
3% (13 votes)
Total votes: 378
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Sep 02, 2001 183 comments

Audiophiles are not easily satisfied, and are often accused of having a roving eye for new components. Anything you've been eyeing lately?

What audio component have you been keeping your eye on these days?
Here it is
87% (174 votes)
I'm completely faithful
13% (26 votes)
Total votes: 200
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Aug 26, 2001 0 comments

We were sitting around the office the other day making bets about how many online readers also subscribe to the paper magazine. Since most of our estimates were miles apart from each other, we thought why not run a poll?

Do you subscribe to
Yes I subscribe
69% (275 votes)
I used to subscribe
11% (44 votes)
I plan on subscribing
1% (2 votes)
Never been a subscriber
5% (19 votes)
Buy at the newstand regularly
5% (19 votes)
Buy at the newstand once in a while
7% (26 votes)
Read someone else's copy
1% (2 votes)
2% (9 votes)
Total votes: 396
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Aug 19, 2001 247 comments

Last week's vote addressed the new formats and buying a CD player, but what is holding you back from buying into the new formats?

What is the PRIMARY obstacle preventing you from buying into either SACD or DVD-Audio at this time?
High hardware prices
6% (37 votes)
High software prices
6% (38 votes)
Limited software availability
17% (112 votes)
Format viability uncertainties
25% (161 votes)
Waiting for Universal players
19% (125 votes)
Dislike watermarking
3% (21 votes)
Waiting for more multichannel hardware/software
1% (9 votes)
Lack of digital outputs
6% (37 votes)
7% (42 votes)
Already have SACD
7% (46 votes)
Already have DVD-Audio
1% (8 votes)
Already have both
2% (10 votes)
Total votes: 646
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Arnel Enero Posted: Aug 12, 2001 138 comments

Reader Arnel Enero wonders if the advent of DVD-Audio and SACD has dampened your desire for a new CD-only player.

Are you still interested in buying a CD-only player for your system?
Yes, planning to buy soon
10% (32 votes)
Yes, quite interested
15% (45 votes)
Yes, but only slightly
14% (43 votes)
Just bought one
19% (59 votes)
Not really interested anymore
27% (83 votes)
Never again!
15% (48 votes)
Total votes: 310
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Aug 05, 2001 100 comments

As often happens with labels, the word "audiophile" has different meanings for different folks. How would you explain what it means to a friend?

How do you define "audiophile"?
Here's my definition
94% (99 votes)
I have no idea
6% (6 votes)
Total votes: 105
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jul 29, 2001 0 comments

Here's another question that we haven't asked in a while: With the increase in decent sound card options over the last couple of years, have you found yourself using your computer to play music?

Do you ever listen to music on your computer?
Yes, quite often
29% (101 votes)
Yes, once in a while
30% (106 votes)
No, but plan to start
2% (7 votes)
No, not interested
22% (76 votes)
No, hate the idea
17% (58 votes)
Total votes: 348
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jul 23, 2001 204 comments

The public learned last week that some regular CDs are now secretly being copy-protected (see this week's audio news). Is this an issue for you?

What do you think about CDs being secretly distorted with SafeAudio to prevent copying?
Don't care
6% (26 votes)
Slightly annoyed
5% (21 votes)
Don't like the idea
22% (102 votes)
Boycott labels that do it!
67% (306 votes)
Total votes: 455
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jul 15, 2001 0 comments

The CEA is asking for nominations from industry folks for the 2002 class of inductees into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame. We think it's only fair that everybody should get a chance to add a candidate or two to our unofficial Audio Hall of Fame.

Who would you want to induct into a High-End Audio Hall of Fame, and why?
Here's my choice
89% (76 votes)
Don't have one
11% (9 votes)
Total votes: 85
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jul 08, 2001 0 comments

If responses from <A HREF="">last week's Soapbox</A> are any indication, a shocking number of <I>Stereophile</I> readers appear to have been approached by the "White Van" speaker guys. Some even know folks who have bit. How about you?

Have you ever been approached by the "White Van" speaker company, or know anyone who has bought their products?
I've seen them
4% (15 votes)
I've been approached
38% (143 votes)
I've bought from them
5% (20 votes)
I know someone who's bought from them
16% (61 votes)
Never seen them
19% (73 votes)
Never heard of them
18% (67 votes)
Total votes: 379
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jul 01, 2001 91 comments

It is often thought that first impressions can have a lasting effect. Can you recall your first audio impression?

Do you remember your very first audio experience? What was it?
63% (87 votes)
A little fuzzy
18% (25 votes)
I'll make one up
3% (4 votes)
Too long ago
16% (22 votes)
Total votes: 138
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Jeffrey Michael Posted: Jun 25, 2001 224 comments

It's been three years since we last asked this question, and reader Jeffrey Michael suggests we ask it again: With all the different speaker technologies on the market, which technology have you adopted for your current audio system?

Which speaker technology do you have in your system?
Dynamic/Cone drivers
65% (396 votes)
4% (22 votes)
Electrostatic/Dynamic hybrid
7% (43 votes)
9% (55 votes)
Ribbon/Dynamic hybrid
6% (37 votes)
3% (17 votes)
Horn/Dynamic hybrid
3% (18 votes)
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 606
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jun 17, 2001 0 comments

First they were silver, then black, then silver, then both. . . . Do you have a preference for components in a particular finish?

When it comes to component color, do you have a preference?
39% (150 votes)
28% (109 votes)
19% (75 votes)
14% (55 votes)
Total votes: 389
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Bard-Alan Finlan Posted: Jun 11, 2001 236 comments

Reader Bard-Alan Finlan is wondering what readers of <I>Stereophile</I> think about the recent introduction of ads for BMW cars and <I>FHM</I> magazine.

Do ads for fancy cars and men's magazines in the pages of <I>Stereophile</I> bother you?
Glad to see them
24% (99 votes)
Don't care
46% (195 votes)
Bothers me a bit
16% (66 votes)
Quite bothered
7% (28 votes)
Hot and bothered
6% (26 votes)
Cancel my subscription
2% (7 votes)
Total votes: 421


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