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Gerald Neily Posted: Apr 14, 2002 0 comments

Reader Gerald Neily wants to get very specific about your audiophile priorities. What do you focus on the most when evaluating and/or tweaking an audio system?

Do you have an obsession with a particular aspect of
3% (8 votes)
10% (27 votes)
6% (15 votes)
10% (28 votes)
21% (55 votes)
8% (21 votes)
14% (38 votes)
3% (8 votes)
2% (6 votes)
16% (43 votes)
Nothing in particular
7% (19 votes)
Total votes: 268
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RJM Posted: Apr 07, 2002 148 comments

Reader RJM wants to know if you share your audio system with others.

Do you let others use your audio system?
No, nobody touches it but me.
27% (97 votes)
No, but they can load CDs and press play under my supervision.
16% (55 votes)
Yes, but rarely.
25% (88 votes)
Yes, all the time.
24% (85 votes)
Yes, and they can even cue up their own <I>vinyl</I>!
8% (29 votes)
Total votes: 354
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Doug Cline Posted: Mar 31, 2002 74 comments

Reader Doug Cline says this question came to him after watching <I>Ripley's Believe it or Not</I>: Have you ever tried an odd or out-there audio tweak that actually worked? What was it?

What is the weirdest successful audio tweak that you have tried?
Here it is
59% (67 votes)
Don't have one
41% (47 votes)
Total votes: 114
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Stereophile Posted: Mar 24, 2002 277 comments

It's been a while since we talked about our amplifiers (23 months in fact). So we'd like to know what you are using now and why you like it.

What type of amplifier are you listening to and why?
Solid-state stereo
51% (241 votes)
Solid-state monoblocks
8% (36 votes)
Solid-state multichannel
9% (42 votes)
Tube stereo
16% (73 votes)
Tube monoblocks
6% (26 votes)
Tube multichannel
0% (1 vote)
Bi-amp system (explain)
6% (27 votes)
Multi-amp system (explain)
4% (17 votes)
Active (self-powered) speakers
1% (7 votes)
Total votes: 470
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Travis Cunningham Posted: Mar 17, 2002 128 comments

Considering that so many people carped about the lack of good music and the overall poor recording quality in the last couple of Votes, I think there should be a poll asking, 'What's your favorite audiophile record label?' says reader Travis Cunningham. He'd also like to hear what people think about the sound each label achieves.

What is your favorite audiophile label and why?
Here it is
82% (119 votes)
Don't have one
18% (27 votes)
Total votes: 146
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Stereophile Posted: Mar 10, 2002 182 comments

A clear majority of the readers who answered last week's poll think high prices have slowed down CD sales. So what price point feels right to you?

How much should CDs cost at retail?
1% (5 votes)
3% (18 votes)
14% (81 votes)
41% (236 votes)
25% (144 votes)
11% (66 votes)
Less than $5
4% (25 votes)
More than $16
1% (4 votes)
Total votes: 579
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Stereophile Posted: Mar 03, 2002 271 comments

The sales slump currently bedeviling the record industry has been blamed on everything from 9/11 to bad music to CD pirates and MP3 file-swapping. What do you think is going on?

What do you think is the <I>primary cause</I> for the music industry's sales slump?
Bad music
37% (206 votes)
2% (13 votes)
MP3 file swapping
4% (23 votes)
Copy protection moves by the labels
5% (25 votes)
High prices
41% (227 votes)
0% (1 vote)
Other pursuits
2% (9 votes)
9% (48 votes)
Total votes: 552
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 24, 2002 100 comments

Finding a good source of audio advice and equipment can be tough. So, from time to time, we like to ask whether you've found a good high-end audio dealer.

Have you found a great high-end audio dealer? Why do you like your dealer?
Yes, I've got a great one
48% (74 votes)
Yes, a pretty good one
17% (27 votes)
He's okay
11% (17 votes)
Nobody that I would recommend
11% (17 votes)
Not a one
13% (20 votes)
Total votes: 155
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 17, 2002 184 comments

A follow-up to last week's question: Which of your used bargains is the crown jewel?

What's the best piece of used gear in your system?
Here it is . . .
78% (167 votes)
Can't decide . . .
8% (16 votes)
Bought everything at retail . . .
14% (30 votes)
Total votes: 213
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Various Readers Posted: Feb 10, 2002 140 comments

Several readers have written in wondering how many audiophiles actively seek used equipment and where they look when they want to buy.

Where have you purchased used equipment? Why?
From the local dealer
22% (57 votes)
3% (8 votes)
Used equipment websites
31% (80 votes)
Offline classifieds (local papers, etc.)
3% (7 votes)
All of the above
21% (53 votes)
7% (19 votes)
I don't buy used gear
12% (30 votes)
Total votes: 254
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 10, 2002 79 comments

The results from last week's survey clearly indicate that the room is the biggest problem for most audiophiles. What, if anything, have you done to correct sonic problems in your listening room?

Have you treated your listening room? What did you do?
Yes, here is what I did
41% (58 votes)
No, I just set up the stuff and listen
35% (49 votes)
No, but I will treat the room soon
15% (21 votes)
No, but plan to find a better room
10% (14 votes)
Total votes: 142
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Gerald Neily Posted: Jan 27, 2002 154 comments

Reader Gerald Neily wonders where the Achilles' Heel in your audio system is and how you plan to deal with it.

What do you consider the weakest link in your audio system. What are you going to do about it?
CD Player/Digital Source
15% (44 votes)
2% (7 votes)
8% (22 votes)
Power Amp
7% (19 votes)
15% (44 votes)
25% (72 votes)
5% (16 votes)
10% (28 votes)
I've reached perfection
2% (7 votes)
I've given up obsessing over problems
11% (32 votes)
Total votes: 291
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 20, 2002 126 comments

Hot Products! The latest Consumer Electronics Show featured everything from multichannel audio-only preamps to universal SACD/DVD-A/CD players. What's your favorite audio product right now?

What's your favorite new audio product or technology?
Here it is . . .
78% (118 votes)
Don't have one.
22% (33 votes)
Total votes: 151
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 13, 2002 118 comments

We saw quite a few new multichannel analog preamps (intended for use with multichannel SACD and DVD-Audio) from several high-end manufacturers at the recent CES. These preamps do not decode DVD-Video multichannel and are strictly for audio use. Does this type of product interest you?

Are you interested in the new multichannel analog preamps being offered? Why or why not?
Yes, planning to buy one
8% (20 votes)
Yes, will take a look
10% (27 votes)
8% (22 votes)
Not so sure
6% (15 votes)
Not really
19% (49 votes)
Not at all
49% (128 votes)
Total votes: 261
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Stacy Young Posted: Jan 06, 2002 148 comments

Like the gopher that just won't leave your yard, vinyl continues to thrive in spite of CD and newer formats, such as SACD and DVD-Audio. Are you still a vinyl fan?

Did you find yourself buying more or less new or used vinyl in 2001 than previous years?
I bought a lot more vinyl in 2001
39% (137 votes)
I bought a little more
12% (44 votes)
About the same
7% (24 votes)
A little less
4% (14 votes)
A lot less
3% (12 votes)
None last year
6% (20 votes)
Haven't bought vinyl for years
22% (79 votes)
Never bought it
6% (21 votes)
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 353


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