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Saul Ziegler Posted: Mar 06, 2005 62 comments

Last week we asked about the oldest recording you listen to, this week, reader Saul Ziegler would like to know what is the most recent recording you have acquired?

What's the newest recorded work that you've taken possession of?
It's a CD
50% (52 votes)
It's an LP
21% (22 votes)
It's a SACD
17% (18 votes)
It's a DVD-Audio
3% (3 votes)
It's a DualDisc
1% (1 vote)
It's a download
8% (8 votes)
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 105
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 27, 2005 48 comments

People have been making recordings for more than a century. What is the oldest recording you own that you still find time to listen to?

What is the oldest recording you own that you still listen to?
Here it is
86% (48 votes)
I only have new stuff
14% (8 votes)
Total votes: 56
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 20, 2005 76 comments

There's been a lot of speculation about what the music industry should do with high-resolution audio. What is your suggestion?

Where do you think the music industry should focus its high-resolution audio efforts?
They should all support SACD
46% (78 votes)
They should all support DVD-Audio
4% (7 votes)
They should all support DualDisc
1% (2 votes)
They should all support high-rez downloads
9% (15 votes)
They should develop something new
8% (13 votes)
They should support everything at the same time
5% (9 votes)
They should give up on high-rez audio
13% (22 votes)
14% (23 votes)
Total votes: 169
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 13, 2005 0 comments

Responses were surprisingly evenly distributed in last week's Vote, so this week we'll focus on your AC outlets and wiring. Have you upgraded your AC path from the pole to the socket you plug your equipment into?

Other than the power cords for your equipment, have you made other upgrades to the AC path to your listening room?
Haven't done a thing
31% (44 votes)
Made a small upgrade
17% (25 votes)
Made a few upgrades
24% (34 votes)
Upgraded the entire path
19% (27 votes)
It's all snake-oil voodoo!
9% (13 votes)
Total votes: 143
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Stereophile Posted: Feb 06, 2005 84 comments

Can the power cord make or break a particular component? Some say it does and others say it doesn't. Have you upgraded the power cords on any of your equipment?

Have you upgraded any of your stock equipment power cords with after-market power cords?
Yes, made a big difference
25% (57 votes)
Yes, slight improvement
23% (53 votes)
Yes, but no difference
6% (14 votes)
No, but plan to
10% (22 votes)
No, not interested
18% (42 votes)
Don't insult me with snake oil!
18% (41 votes)
Total votes: 229
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 30, 2005 65 comments

In the February issue, <I>Stereophile</I> scribes pen their <A HREF="">Records 2 Die 4</A>. Now it's your turn: give us the one or two discs that topped your list in 2004.

What is your 2004 Record 2 Die 4?
Here it is
91% (64 votes)
Don't have even one
9% (6 votes)
Total votes: 70
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Stereophile Staff Posted: Jan 23, 2005 81 comments

Do you still listen to the radio? With regular FM stations coming in for heavy criticism and satellite, Web, and cable radio readily available, we're wondering how or if you generally listen to broadcast music.

What type of broadcast music do you <I>most</I> often listen to?
Regular FM radio
65% (111 votes)
XM satellite radio
4% (7 votes)
Sirius satellite radio
3% (5 votes)
DirecTV or Dish satellite music
2% (4 votes)
Cable music
2% (3 votes)
Web radio
6% (10 votes)
AM radio
2% (4 votes)
5% (8 votes)
11% (19 votes)
Total votes: 171
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 16, 2005 0 comments

Faithfully reproducing the sound of real, live musicians in our listening rooms is the audiophile Holy Grail. Have you ever heard a system do this? If so, what was it?

Have you ever heard an audio system that faithfully reproduced the sound of real, live musicians? What was it?
Yes, here it is
20% (18 votes)
34% (31 votes)
Kind of close
17% (16 votes)
Not too close
4% (4 votes)
Not really
5% (5 votes)
20% (18 votes)
Total votes: 92
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 10, 2005 33 comments

The Consumer Electronics Show is open only to the industry each year, but if you could go, what would you want to see most?

What would you want to see most at CES?
Here it is
60% (29 votes)
I already go to CES
13% (6 votes)
Not interested in going
27% (13 votes)
Total votes: 48
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Stereophile Posted: Jan 02, 2005 45 comments

Low-rez formats, high-rez formats, media servers, satellite radio, more vinyl, iTunes, <I>etc</I>. What do you think was the most important audio issue or event last year?

What was the most significant audio issue or event of 2004?
Here it is
69% (42 votes)
There wasn't one
31% (19 votes)
Total votes: 61
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 26, 2004 60 comments

It is often said that audiophiles enjoy a lonely hobby. Do you have a spouse who shares your audiophile tendencies?

Do you have a spouse who shares your audiophile tendencies?
Yes, he or she loves audio as much as I do
4% (6 votes)
Yes, but he or she is not as interested as I am
18% (30 votes)
Yes, but only slightly
24% (40 votes)
He or she is ambivalent
35% (59 votes)
No, he or she doesn't like my obsession
15% (25 votes)
No, he or she hates it
5% (8 votes)
Total votes: 168
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 19, 2004 56 comments

In the January 2005 issue of <I>Stereophile</I>, reader "KCA" suggests rather impolitely that the magazine recommends too many components. What do you think?

Does <I>Stereophile</I> recommend too many components?
Yes, waaaay too many
22% (32 votes)
Yes, a bit much
24% (35 votes)
Just right
26% (37 votes)
No, not enough
19% (28 votes)
No, we need waaaay more
9% (13 votes)
Total votes: 145
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Tom Sanchez Posted: Dec 12, 2004 43 comments

Reader Tom Sanchez says he loves ambient music and wonders how many <I>Stereophile</I> readers share his passion?

Do you listen to ambient music?
Yes, here's what I like
23% (24 votes)
29% (30 votes)
17% (18 votes)
30% (31 votes)
Total votes: 103
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Stereophile Posted: Dec 05, 2004 48 comments

A friend recently explained that he favors "chance and luck when choosing components." Do <I>you</I> think a little unexplained audio mystery a good thing? Do you like to carefully study the physics of your room and the technology behind the components, or do you prefer to go with your instinct for good sound?

How important is it for you to know exactly what is happening with your audio system and room?
Very important: I like to know exactly what is happening
36% (50 votes)
Somewhat important: I like to get the general idea
31% (44 votes)
I'm ambivalent: just want it to sound good
24% (33 votes)
I prefer a little mystery: don't want to analyze it too much
6% (8 votes)
I like a lot of mystery: don't care to know anything about it
0% (0 votes)
4% (5 votes)
Total votes: 140
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Stereophile Posted: Nov 28, 2004 74 comments

<I>Stereophile</I> has put its toe in the multichannel waters with Kal Rubinson's <A HREF="">Music in the Round</A>" column and periodic industry updates. But should the magazine be doing even more in this area?

Should <I>Stereophile</I> cover more multichannel releases and products?
Yes, should cover far more
15% (30 votes)
Yes, should cover a little more
16% (32 votes)
Just about right
26% (52 votes)
No, there is a bit too much already
21% (42 votes)
No, there is way too much already
22% (45 votes)
Total votes: 201


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